The Giant Bomb Forza Motorsport 4 Car Club

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The Giant Bomb Car Club

Plenty of us on Giant Bomb are extremely fast, talented folk. Some of you are incredible tuners, others amazing painters, and I sincerely believe there's a few fairly fast drivers, as well. With the car club functionality, we should gather our forces together and make our mark known in the Forza Motorsport universe. Right? Right.

Our car club is called Giant Bomb, appropriately enough. Joining our club will put [GB] before your gamertag when racing in Forza 4. You'll also help our leaderboard ranks against other clubs, have access to club cars, and receive far too many game invites for Forza Race Night every Thursday.

Pretty awesome, no?

How To Join


Inactive Members

Any members who haven't been active in 30 days may be removed from the club to make room for other users.

I'll usually check every leaderboard and anywhere else I could potentially monitor activity before booting somebody. This process may be biased by the leaderboard performance of users, with us looking the other way for faster people a little longer. Building up your driver level is also a great way to ensure you stay in the club longer.

Please note: If you've been removed from the Giant Bomb car club, don't assume you've done anything wrong. Being inactive happens, and it's nothing personal if we boot you to make space for someone who really wants in. Trust me, if you did something bad, I'd make sure you knew.

If you find yourself on the outside looking to rejoin, feel free to ask to be let back in, and we'll gladly work on getting you a new invite.

Note: Giant Bomb staff will not be subject to this rule, as this club would not be possible without them.

Car Sharing

Perhaps the coolest part of being in a car club is our ability to share cars with each other! That said, please consider the following guidelines for sharing cars:

  • If you're just looking to share a car for the achievement or badges, that's cool. However, if you're sharing an unremarkable car for said achievement, please consider unsharing it right afterwards so as to limit the clutter in our garage.
  • Don't just share every car you win or earn. Cars automatically tuned by Forza (the ones you earn when leveling up) are generally shit, and you'll only irritate people by sharing them without doing anything fancy to improve their look or performance.
  • Don't share stock cars. You can already use stock versions of all non-unicorn cars in any modes where the club garage is relevant. DLC cars can't be used by people who don't own the DLC this way, so you're not tricking Turn 10 with this method. Stock unicorn cars are silly, too. At least upgrade it to the peak of a PI class. C'mon.
  • Only the owner of a shared car can muck with it, so don't worry about any shared garage vandalism. However, if you want to make changes to a shared car's setup, give it an awesome paint job, or otherwise try and improve someone else's car, consider asking the owner for permission to borrow it via gifting. Be polite! If I hear someone's abusing this to steal or sabotage cars that don't honestly belong to them, they won't last long in the club.

If you fall astray of any of this on a regular basis, I may fire a message off in your general direction. Willfully sabotaging the club garage in order to make it completely unusable by others is grounds for permanent ejection from the club.

Terms for Unsharing

Eventually, we may hit club garage capacity, which means a few cars would have to be unshared. I also want to keep the garage somewhat neat, so I'll look through periodically for cars to unshare. I don't want any of you angry with me saying, "PsEG YOU BULLY YOU UNSHARED MY CARS AND I HATE YOU I'M LEAVING," so realize this is only ever done to keep our garage relevant and open for really cool cars in the future.

If we hit our garage capacity, I'll use the following criteria to determine if a car should be removed, roughly in this order:

  • Are there any duplicate make/models of this car in the garage?
  • Is this car upgraded to a PI that would make it competitive in its class?
  • Does the car have a really freakin' awesome design/paint job/appearance?
  • this car upgraded at all? Not necessarily counting the prize car auto upgrades, since as stated before, those are shit.
  • Is the car rare to the point where a normal club member would have a very hard time gaining access to it otherwise?
  • Is the club using the car at all?

Don't fret about this whole unsharing process too much. No one's getting in trouble over our shared garage unless some jerk refuses to stop sharing some utterly worthless car for reasons beyond human comprehension.

Your Mission

There are three tasks you can undertake if you wish to help improve our club:

Mission 1: Enter monthly Rivals competitions for a chance at unicorn cars.

Every month so far, Turn 10 has at least one event in Rivals mode in which they give away 100 BMW M3-GTRs a week to random participants. If you get one of these, you can tune it and share it with the club, and Falcon can finally stop whining about how Forza 4 is ruined because it's missing his favorite car. Same goes for any of the rarer unicorns.

Mission 2: Improve our club ranking on the leaderboards.

I've added a tab on our Google Docs spreadsheet of our club's rankings on the various leaderboards. If you want to help improve our standing, perhaps you could set some fast times in less competitive areas! Remember, only the fastest time in the club rolls through from each individual leaderboard.

Mission 3: Just be active and awesome.

Frankly, if you just enjoy yourself, drive what you like, and focus on driving as clean as possible, you'll probably accomplish mission 2 without even trying.

#2 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -

Sounds good, can't wait to jump on Forza 4 in a few days, re-activated my gold account and i'm already in your friendslist PsEG! Now all we need is this game! :)

#3 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7031 posts) -

You jerk leader!

I'm in. I'll send you a message over Xbox Live when I get Forza 4, if just to share some of my sweet, sweet Yugos with all of you.

#4 Posted by pakx (981 posts) -

you know i'm on that shit.

#5 Posted by gnarlycore (90 posts) -

Very excited for this. Thursdays are perfect.

#6 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

Can't wait for the car club. It'll be nice having some regular people to race with again. It'll also be very interesting to see what kind of tunes, paint jobs, etc. some of us come up with. I'm not much of a tuner or painter (I just prefer to race), but I'm open to everything and will definitely give everything a shot.

#7 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -

As long an Slowbird gets the honorary rank of Peon I'll be happy.

#8 Posted by wrathofconn (1483 posts) -

I am hype.

#9 Posted by GPink (61 posts) -

Very interested in getting into a club. Didn't really take advantage of it in Forza 3. I'll be sending a message tomorrow! Gamertag: GVPink

#10 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

@GPink said:

Very interested in getting into a club. Didn't really take advantage of it in Forza 3. I'll be sending a message tomorrow! Gamertag: GVPink

There wasn't car clubs in Forza 3. There was however the race nights, but the two are completely different things.

#11 Posted by GPink (61 posts) -

@matt_wickstrom: Right, that's what I meant. Didn't really take advantage of any multiplayer content. Looking to fix that with the Rivals thing and car clubs.

#12 Posted by CrazyBagMan (888 posts) -

Got in my Amazon order at basically the last second. Can't wait to... Forza with fellow duders?

#13 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

The club has been created! It's called Giant Bomb, which will put [GB] in front of your name in-game.

The default setting has it so players can apparently request invites in-game. I'm not quite sure how that works yet, but please feel free to try your hand at being proactive and request to join if you wish. Also let me know if there's any issue in finding the club if you use that method.

I'll start sending out and accepting invites tonight (those of you who already contacted me are cool, no worries). It's time for us to disturb the Forza universe.

#14 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

I sent an invite to the club, but im not sure if it actually worked right. So I also sent a message.

Vroom, vroom , vroom!

#15 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

My Alfa Romero Gamestop preorder car is in the GB car club garage, for those interested in checking it out. Enjoy!

#16 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

@PsEG: Regarding requesting to join, when you click on the Car Club option in the Community menu, it automatically shows anyone on your friend list who's in a car club. As long as people have PsEG as a friend on XBL they should automatically see the GB car club, and can easily request to join.

#17 Posted by NickLott (833 posts) -

Sent my request in to join. Very much looking forward to being more involved online this go round.

#18 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

@matt_wickstrom: People on my friends list are already pretty easy for me to invite, since they'll show up in my list of potential invitees when they start up a profile in Forza 4. Not as worried about those folk -- the only ones on my friends list that I haven't invited are guys that I'm not sure would want in the car club.

That aside, going to stress the importance of sending a message or something along if you request to join and I'm not familiar with you. dannyBwheeler and dukefan1210 both have sent requests and their names ring a bell, but until I know with complete certainty if they're Giant Bomb folk or not through a message on Live or a forum post, I'm going to sit on their requests. I know it sounds silly, but I've seen it happen before where someone tries to join a club/group without knowing what it's about or represents. It's more common than you think, which is kind of weird.

Thanks, everyone!

#19 Posted by Sparky_Buzzsaw (7031 posts) -

Hey, stupid question, but can you belong to more than one car club? I want to start one with my brother as well, so if I can only join one, that'll be it. Otherwise I'll send a request to join when I get the game today or tomorrow.

#20 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

@Sparky_Buzzsaw: Yeah, unfortunately, you can only belong to one club, so joining your brother's club is the best option.

#21 Posted by Nat3TheGreat13 (270 posts) -

@matt_wickstrom said:

My Alfa Romero Gamestop preorder car is in the GB car club garage, for those interested in checking it out. Enjoy!

Oh shit that's a good idea, I'll add the Subaru(Amazon Preorder) if no one hasn't by the time I get back on tonight.

#22 Posted by matt_wickstrom (167 posts) -

@Nat3TheGreat13: My only concern (I just realized this too) is that it might not let people without a code to download it with use it, since it's not on their hard drive. If that's the case, we can always work something out where someone who wants the car can transfer me in game credits and I'll buy it and gift it to them.

I'm not playing Forza right now, but if I recall correctly, the Alfa Romero cost 36,000 credits.

#23 Posted by Lucky26 (4 posts) -

Sounds like a great idea. I'm in if there is still room. My GamerTag and GB tag is Lucky26. I'll send a message over Live.

#24 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -
@matt_wickstrom: I don't think that will be an issue. People will have the car data on their disc/system if not they wouldn't be able to see it in game and would be presented with a "generic" car when racing against someone with the pre-order car.
#25 Posted by BlatantNinja23 (928 posts) -

well request sent....

#26 Posted by CrazyBagMan (888 posts) -

Just got my game. Sent PsEG a message on live. My GT is CxBxM.

#27 Posted by xXxLYNCHxXx (168 posts) -

Just started playing... Sent my req to Laz PsEG. My tag is xXxLYNCHxXx... Original, I know.

#28 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1156 posts) -

@PsEG: I sent you a message to join the club plus a friend invite. Delete me right after off your friends list if you need to.

#29 Posted by bigsmoke77 (841 posts) -

Message Sent!

#30 Posted by gnarlycore (90 posts) -

I can vouch fir Danny, he's a buddy of mine. Oh and you guys are welcome for the LFA!

#31 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

I'll handle all the pending invites and requests accounted for in 2.5 hours or so, once I'm out of class.

Also, for the record, it turns out I can fire off invites without having people on my friends list. I'll edit the first post to reflect this later, as well.

#32 Edited by jello44 (45 posts) -

It seems you can only join one car club at a time... lame.

I already created one for a few friends of mine who are playing.

Oh well, still up for the race night.

#33 Posted by Ben_H (3647 posts) -

As soon as I get the game I'll set everything up to join this (I wanted to get it today but to much stuff is due tomorrow and Thursday. I'll just get the game on Friday and marathon it like usual). I'll be the guy repping a 1995 Eclipse GSX painted like The Fast and the Furious who screams "NOOOOOSSS" or other quotes every time I hit a straightaway. I can't wait to play Forza again.

#34 Posted by indus (99 posts) -

Sent in my request a couple hours ago, that disk 2 stuff and downloading took forever. My gamertag is tabbing, hopefully i'll see you guys in game.

#35 Posted by Inf225 (512 posts) -

Just sent in my invite! Hope to see you guys online!

#36 Posted by HadesTimes (887 posts) -

Message sent, hope I sent for the right request in the Car Club section, it's kind of vague. I requested the Car Club tag of GB

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All right, everyone. A few quick notes while they're on my mind. I'll fold some of this into the first post soon enough.

Co-Leaders YAAAY

I've appointed a few co-leaders who I believe played crucial roles in keeping Race Night alive and successful. Were it not for them, we...well, there'd be a car club, but not a weekly racing thing. I dunno.

Anyways, Pakx (PAX MORTE), Keval N, and Jugnutts are your co-leaders for the club. Once I figure out what the heck that lets them do, I'll determine if we need any more co-leaders.

That's a lot of shared cars!

Seriously, it's awesome to see that feature get used so quickly, and I can tell you all seem to love it.

I want to bring this up now, though, because it's likely we'll eventually fill up our shared garage, and I don't want any of you angry with me saying, "PsEG YOU BULLY YOU UNSHARED MY CARS AND I HATE YOU I'M LEAVING."

If we hit our garage capacity, I'll use the following criteria to determine if a car should be removed, roughly in this order:

  • Are there any duplicate make/models of this car?
  • Is this car upgraded to a PI that would make it competitive in its class?
  • this car upgraded at all?
  • Is the car rare to the point where a normal club member would have a very hard time gaining access to it otherwise?
  • Does the car have a really freakin' awesome design/paint job/appearance?

Don't fret about this too much. No one's getting in trouble unless some jerk refuses to stop sharing some utterly worthless car for reasons beyond human comprehension.

Who the heck are all these people?

For those of you that posted in here or sent me an Xbox Live message with a Giant Bomb meme, thank you so much. Not only did you prove you belong in the club, but a few of you amused me as well! That's a bonus of the rule, not its intended purpose. I think I've gotten everyone who either sent me a message on Live or posted here.

Still, there's a few people that sent requests to join through Forza, and I'm seeing no proof that they're actually a part of this community! That won't do. That won't do at all.

If you have one of the following gamertags:

  • OO7MasterChief
  • dukefan1210
  • EdNix
  • ChaosKiller2000
  • Murtaug
  • SoloProductions
  • CMoody01

Then your name might ring a bell to me, but I don't have any proof you're part of the Giant Bomb community! If you could post in here or send me a message over Live with some proof (meme/user name) that you like the Internet, then we can hang out in the club. Otherwise, as stated earlier, I'm sitting on these.

One Final Thing!

Looking at our club size, if all of you are looking to get into the main Race Night lobby on might be full at times? I can't believe this, but I'm getting a lot of interested messages. Don't let this deter you, though. If you want to be a part of Race Night, then you should try to join us. Period.

I honestly can't imagine that's true, but if we get a full 16, expect me to lose my shit like some crazed fanboy. You've all been warned.

#38 Posted by SHHADOWW (51 posts) -

I sent my request to join.

#39 Posted by bullishsquinty (20 posts) -

Xbox Live message sent. Forza 4 request sent. BullishSquinty on Xbox Live. Good times ahead.

#40 Posted by bonebreak2000 (21 posts) -

OO7Masterchief is my live tag. Those are oo's not zero's

#41 Posted by RonManR (4 posts) -

RonManR would like to join - request sent

#42 Posted by dunc12 (118 posts) -

duncman2000 would like to join as well!

I messaged you on live as well

#43 Posted by slowbird (1845 posts) -

@PsEG: As soon as you posted "we'll probably almost never be full" I knew we'd be full all the time.

#44 Posted by Bennyishere (1746 posts) -

I am looking to join!

#45 Posted by Garfield360UK (551 posts) -

@Bennyishere said:

I am looking to join!

I am also interested. If Benny and Matt are in then count me in as well. The more the merrier.

#46 Edited by Fink (140 posts) -

I'm down. Gamertag is: Son of Fink

I was hoping someone would start a GB car club :)


Cool! Thanks for the invite. Oh, btw, you should add "Don't buy a racing wheel" to the description, ha

#47 Posted by theMockingNoob (192 posts) -

Hey, Id like to join. GT is leMockingNoob

#48 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Sounds pretty restrictive.

#49 Posted by GeneralGrey (82 posts) -

I'd love to join. Gamertag: GeneralGrey

#50 Posted by JCHenderson (137 posts) -

I would be most interested in joining. JCHenderson is my xbox live as well as giantbomb tag. Will be purchasing the game this afternoon.


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