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#251 Posted by Kyelb22 (294 posts) -

I'd love to join the club. Gamertags Kyelb22.

#252 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

So with the latest title update, I need to mention driver levels and active status in the club briefly.

When the driver level cap was 150, any member who hit 150 was considered semi-protected from removal due to inactivity, since it wasn't easy for me to gauge their activity at that point. From this point forward, I won't be labeling anyone as semi-protected except in the highly unlikely case a club member reaches level 999.

This doesn't change much, but I felt you should be aware. Members who reach level 150 and beyond will still be given much more leniency in their inactivity than those who have barely touched Forza.

#253 Posted by freqnazty (13 posts) -

Anyway I can get marked as safe? I've been with the club since almost day 1 on Forza 3 and am not going anywhere lol...

#254 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@freqnazty: You'll be fine, Freq. You're not going to get booted unless you're away from Forza for a really long time, so don't worry about it!

#255 Posted by SgtGrumbles (1024 posts) -

Hopefully this is all still going on, just got my copy of Forza back and hoping to play with some bombers, GT is ModerateThreat

#256 Posted by Dethfish (3706 posts) -

Could I join your guys sweet club? I just got the game so I'm pretty low level at the moment. My Gt is Dethfish77.

#257 Posted by sirpeewig (12 posts) -

can i join gt is sir peewig

#258 Posted by R3cruit3D (85 posts) -

Id like to join, gt is R3cruit3D

#259 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@R3cruit3D: Apologies for the delay -- Trials Evolution dominated my time yesterday, and I had to confirm the inactivity of a user in the club today. An invite should be sitting in your inbox in Forza.

#260 Posted by R3cruit3D (85 posts) -

@PsEG: I had the same problem, just got both games so I'm torn between the two

#261 Edited by inferno1321 (16 posts) -

I'd love to join if there's room. Let me know.

My GT is "B0ULIER". the 0 is a zero.

#262 Posted by WaylonJennings (104 posts) -

I'm in duder, Xbox Live GamerTag: ManicNacho

#263 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@inferno1321: @WaylonJennings: You both should now have club invites sitting in your Forza inbox!

#264 Posted by inferno1321 (16 posts) -

Didn't get the invite did you spell my gamer tag right?

#265 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@inferno1321: I did, yes, B0ULIER. I tried to send another invite just now, but it says the last one's still sitting in your inbox in Forza.

#266 Posted by inferno1321 (16 posts) -

I got it thanks

#267 Posted by JCrichton (54 posts) -

Being in the GB car club will give me more of a reason to play some forza 4.

JCrichton77 is my gamertag.

#268 Posted by Klaimore (942 posts) -

Hey I got the game and its been a blasty and I'm sure playing with the community would be even better. I'd love to join this club. Gamertag: Klaimore

#269 Posted by slowbird (1761 posts) -

Any thoughts on adding/changing co-leaders of the club? If being a co-leader allows one to manage the club garage, then I'd be happy to go through there and compile a list of cars for potential unsharing, to unclutter the garage a bit.

#270 Edited by Trace (3581 posts) -

@Klaimore: A club invite should be sitting in your Forza inbox.

@JCrichton: I sent you a club invite last week, but because it wasn't accepted for a few days, I've let the club fill back up to capacity. Let me know when you're active and I'll open up another club space and resend an invite if necessary.

@slowbird: I'm pretty sure that co-leaders can only accept requests to join and send club invitations, not remove club garage cars. Even then, I've no plans to change co-leaders for the duration of Forza 4. I've started building up a list of members who share a lot of cars that no one uses, so any removals from the shared garage will likely come from that.

#271 Posted by slowbird (1761 posts) -

@PsEG: Alright, just wondered. I'll take a look at my cars and pull any that haven't been used lately. (Although I still think they're totally awesome.)

#272 Posted by dukefan1210 (8 posts) -

I'd love to join as I am getting back into the game again.


#273 Posted by IroN1c (561 posts) -

I'd love to join, been racing a bunch lately!

Gamertag: fLx IroN1c

#274 Posted by HistoryInRust (6436 posts) -

I should probably start playing this game online. Have had a copy since it launched and still haven't raced on Live yet.

#275 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@IroN1c: @dukefan1210: You both have club invites sitting in your Forza inbox. Same deal as I mentioned a week ago with JCrichton -- I only opened up one spot to start, so if you try to accept your invite and the club's full, just let me know and I'll free up another spot (and resend an invite if necessary) ASAP.

#276 Posted by EarlessShrimp (1681 posts) -

Oh I just realized our twitter conversation culminated in you saying "come to this thread" and me saying something to the effects of "I'm outside, for once!" Buuuuut

My gamertag is EarlessShrimp. Pretty sure you know I have morza fotorsports too!

#277 Posted by Razorlution (188 posts) -

I was an avid Forza 3 player, and I finally need my racing fix. I would like to join and will be buying Forza 4 today!! I just love this community and don't see any reason why I shouldn't enjoy myself playing something I am passionate about. Which reminds me, I need a gold renewal as well :)

Gt is Razorlution and I look forward to racing with you all hopefully :)

#278 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@Razorlution: Let me know once you've played Forza 4, as the game won't let me send you a club invite beforehand.

I'm going to boot an inactive member preemptively, so if anyone still has an outstanding club invite, now's a good time to cash that in and join.

#279 Posted by crunchwrap (5 posts) -

Count me in =] TAG: Xxchalupa1418xX

#280 Posted by Razorlution (188 posts) -
@PsEG I have purchased the game and played it
#281 Posted by allgrinzz (161 posts) -

Going to dust off my copy tonight and actually try to get somewhere on it. Maybe turn off a racing aid or two so i don't feel so horrible and newbish racing. ^^; GT: NomRoxNom

#282 Posted by MideonNViscera (2252 posts) -

Hey I just got this game a few weeks ago. I'd like to join the club, even though I'm not particularly good at anything yet. I play a crapload. I suppose I'll probably have to leave the club I created that only I'm in before I can get an invite anyway.

#283 Edited by Johnny_Sailor (14 posts) -

I'd love to join the club! I've been playing off and on since release and have really gotten deep into it lately!

Edit: Gamertag: Johnny Sailor

#284 Posted by streetninja (159 posts) -

I just got the game and I'd like to join in on this. 
Gamertag: Street Ninja

#285 Edited by Chtasm (465 posts) -

Looking to join the secret club.

GT: Chtasm

Time spent livery editing to driving ratio is 2:1.

#286 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@Chtasm said:

Time spent livery editing to driving ratio is 2:1.

Which is not a problem whatsoever! A club invite should be sitting in your Forza inbox.

#287 Posted by IrrelevantJohn (1105 posts) -

@PsEG: Hey I'm giving you a heads up that I'm leaving the Car Club tonight. You can remove me today to make room for new members. It was fun but money is starting to become an issue for me and so I'm cutting out Gold for now. Can I rejoin in the future?

#288 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@IrrelevantJohn: You're absolutely free to rejoin the club at any time! Definitely sorry to see you go, but I certainly understand the reasoning.

#289 Posted by ReddenBlack (124 posts) -

Hey, I would love to join

Gamertag :ThunderRainSnow

I bought the season pass, and will get the other dlc packs as soon as cash flow allows


#290 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@ReddenBlack said:

Hey, I would love to join

Gamertag :ThunderRainSnow

I bought the season pass, and will get the other dlc packs as soon as cash flow allows


Don't worry about buying any DLC packs you don't want. As long as you download the free car from each pack (except the Porsche pack, it doesn't have one because Turn 10 messed up), you'll be able to see other people race those cars, and oftentimes that's enough.

A club invite is sitting in your Forza inbox!

#291 Posted by mfpantst (2574 posts) -
@ReddenBlack I internet know you and have no clue from where. For some reason i think you are on my friends list from idle thumbs related gaming. Yes/no?
#292 Posted by ReddenBlack (124 posts) -

@mfpantst: I don't have anything to do with idle thumbs, not sure how we know each other

#293 Posted by MAST (742 posts) -

I'd like to join the Club.

Gamertag = KR4M83

#294 Posted by ZombiePirate (11 posts) -

I'd love to join the club!

Gamertag = K Unit729

#295 Posted by SushiX (138 posts) -

A reminder to prospective club members... joining means we'd like to see you on Thursdays at race night!

#296 Posted by JesterPC238 (349 posts) -

Just made the switch from GT5 to Forza 4 and I'd love to join the club. My Gamertag is JesterPC.

#297 Posted by Trace (3581 posts) -

@JesterPC238: I just fired off a club invite, which should now be sitting in your inbox in Forza 4. Sorry about the delay!

#298 Posted by Slumberpunch (142 posts) -

I'd like to rejoin whenever possible. Fell off the map for months but I will be playing this for the foreseeable future.

Gamertag: Slumberpunch


#299 Posted by Fustigate (22 posts) -

I'd like to join.

Gamertag: fustigated one

#300 Posted by Subbeh (90 posts) -

Hi, I'd love to join if there's room!

Gamertag: Subbeh

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