Tuneups locked on their own?

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Hello Forza Pros!

I have been racing the world tour and have been enjoying racing and setting up my cars...I bought several TUNEUPS online and put them in my cars to help me as i don't know how to make a good tune being a noob...

I had about 8 or so for 3 different cars...I used to be able to go to the MY SETUPS and LOAD to each car which ever one I wanted and change them any time I wanted as some cars I have 2 tuneups for....NOW all of a sudden I went to MY TUNEUPS and they all are locked...I can't change or swap out tuneups anymore?

What happened it was working great before?

I changed them many times! NOW i can't and they are locked for some reason?

Hope I can fix this so I can use MY TUNEUPS again...

Thanks for any help


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