Turn 10 be trolling again

#1 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -
Bucket List80
Finish 1st in every single race in the Event List in Career play mode.(33)

Really? It's the same achievement again! It even has the same point value.

I swear looking at the list, the achievements are basically the same as Forza 3 with the exception of a couple:

On Location20
Take a photo of any car in every Home Space.

Home space? Okay.....

Look Ma, No Controller!5
Use Kinect to drive any car in Free Play.(103)

Understandable, but am now wondering if games like Mass Effect 3 will also have these.

Forza Faithful15
Import a file from Forza Motorsport 3.(23)

All those weird hentai girl decals you made won't go to waste.

Ferrari Collector40
Own every Ferrari included on Disc 1.(19)

Multiple discs? No problem, Turn 10 has figured out how to do this already, more games should too.

Exclusive Taste50
Own the five most expensive cars in the game (not including DLC).(3)

Some of the cars in Forza 3 were 30,000,000 credits....most I ever had was 3 mill. We'll have to see.

Outta Time10
Reach 88 mph in a DeLorean.(24)

Every racing game has this achievement already.

#2 Posted by marvin_martian (95 posts) -

Why are you bitching about the achievements?

#3 Posted by Weltal (2301 posts) -

Wait, so I have to own Kinect in order to get an achievement? Lame.

#4 Posted by Vinny_Says (5911 posts) -

@marvin_martian said:

Why are you bitching about the achievements?

Forza 3 had 1500 races to complete to get the same 80 points

@Weltal said:

Wait, so I have to own Kinect in order to get an achievement? Lame.

Bah just find a friend who has one and go to their place

#5 Posted by shadystx (188 posts) -

I really do not care what they do with the achievements, Forza is one of my fav games of all time in any genre and after the last 2 amazing 360 games I am confident that forza 4 will be awesome, Although I am pretty biased when it comes to these games Forza and gran turismo are just great IMO. 
Also achievements have never really interested me, they are a nice touch to be able to check and see how your friends have done in a game and vice versa but after the first few months after 360 launch I stopped actively getting achievements and so 90% of my achievements are from normally playing through a game. 
I am hyped for this game though cannot wait.

#6 Posted by RE_Player1 (7948 posts) -

To your Mass Effect 3 comment I doubt they would have Kinect specific achievements. The game is launching on PS3 at the same time so the trophies and achievements will probably be the same.

#7 Posted by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

@blacklabeldomm said:

@marvin_martian said:

Why are you bitching about the achievements?

Forza 3 had 1500 races to complete to get the same 80 points

Sounds like an achievement to me.

#8 Posted by sins_of_mosin (1713 posts) -

I wish they did have a bit easier ones but to call it trolling?  Makes no sense.

#9 Posted by Chaoskiller2000 (330 posts) -

Sorry these achievements take more than a few minutes? I like long lasting achievements if this is the only real complaint about the game then it is in good shape.

#10 Posted by slowbird (1845 posts) -

I'm amused by the outrage over these achievements. If you really like a game, you won't care that the last 345 achievement points are too hard to get.

#11 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

well that will be easy then. i don't care about achievements a lot. if i get them then i get them. i played the crap out of forza 3, i only need one more achievement and  i will have all of them.

#12 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

Aside from the Kinect one I don't see a problem with any of them.

#13 Posted by The_Laughing_Man (13807 posts) -
@Mr_Skeleton said:

Aside from the Kinect one I don't see a problem with any of them.

Thats the only one I would ever be annoyed with. PLus who doesnt love Back to the future achiviments. 
#14 Posted by eroticfishcake (7856 posts) -

They look pretty standard. I fail to see any problem in any of them. Well, the Kinect one is a little "ugh" but no, they're fine.

#15 Posted by RobbieMac (560 posts) -

Seem like a solid set of achievements.  Probably won't get them but that is okay.

#16 Posted by DystopiaX (5384 posts) -

I'd prefer hard to get achievements over easy ones cause then they'd be, you know, achievements.

#17 Posted by Rudeboy217 (1787 posts) -

They look fine to me. I think you are overreacting.

#18 Posted by GoofyGoober (941 posts) -
@Weltal: Reminds me of people complaining about not being able to get all of the achievements in Rainbow Six Vegas and Burnout Paradise without a vision cam lol.
#19 Posted by Mikemcn (7508 posts) -

Every racing game most certainly does not have a Delorean achievement, or I'd be playing way more driving games.

#20 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

The manufacturer affinity achievement, if memory serves, is something Turn 10 claims they expect less than 1% of the userbase to have in two years. Same with their starting driver level cap of 150.

I don't think these difficult/long-term achievements are so much trolling as they are evidence that Turn 10 expects Forza 4 to still be relevant in two years. To me, that indicates either a lot more post-release support over the next year or two, or a longer development cycle for Forza Motorsport 5, which might indicate they're aiming to put it on Microsoft's next console given where we are now.

Just my notions on the issue.

#21 Posted by Bouke (1400 posts) -

Every Forza game has had at least one or two hard achievements, i wasn't expecting anything else... The Kinect one is the only one that i think is a bit lame, but i might end up buying a Kinect anyway, so no worries there!

#22 Edited by Sooty (8195 posts) -

I'm glad I don't care about achievements, I don't really get how people can get so wound up by them.

That being said, I do agree they shouldn't have hardware specific achievements, just to keep it at a level playing field.

#23 Posted by VooDooPC (380 posts) -

I don't like the Kinect achievement, that would be like having one that says, "Complete a race using the Microsoft racing wheel!"

#24 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

They better not put some fucking Kinect achievement in ME3. That is not cool.

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