Will I still be a VIP?

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Hey Duders!

I'm gonna purchase Forza Motorsport 4 Tomorrow seeing as it's down to £15 on Amazon. Forza 3 is one of my favorite driving sims of all time and I felt bad for not picking four up at launch.

Here's my question. I got the Forza 3 Limited Edition at launch and I was a VIP and so I was just wondering if that will carry over to 4 and eventually Forza Horizon when that comes out.

So... you know... will it?

Thanks for any help on the matter, you guys have always had my back and answered my questions in the past so I'm hoping you'll come through like you always do.

#2 Posted by Ben_H (3706 posts) -

Nope. Forza 4's VIP is separate. I was a Forza 3 VIP too. You can buy VIP status off the Marketplace though. You do get stuff for being a Forza 3 person  though (a few cars and a couple titles).

#3 Posted by ObsideonDarman (776 posts) -

@Ben_H: Oh well. Did you VIP status?

#4 Posted by Ben_H (3706 posts) -
@ObsideonDarman said:

@Ben_H: Oh well. Did you VIP status?

Nope I decided to pass on it. I should have though, I played (and still play) that game a ton.

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