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Review: Forza Motorsport 4

Driving simulators have been around for a long time and with each iteration they get increasingly more realistic. Many gamers are turned off at the thought of navigating complex menu’s, slow player progression and often unrealistic car AI. Turn 10 studios is back hot off the success of Forza 3 with an amazing game that streamlines everything and sets the new benchmark for driving sims.

Everything contained within Forza 4 is there to keep you racing. Forza 4 will not place you into races that you have no chance in winning. instead, before each race if your current car is not up to speed, it will either upgrade it or suggest you jump into another car you currently own.

The “World Tour” mode takes you from one event to another spanning across every corner of the globe and is a true joy to play. I normally stay well clear of the “cockpit” view in racing games but the implementation here is brilliant. The visuals are stunning with a much improved lighting system that makes the game that much more realistic.

Forza 4 does not punish you for playing it on an easier difficulty, yes the rewards are lessened but the true driving experience remains. Difficulty is fully custimizable and can be adjusted before each event. The more assists you turn off the more driver xp you are rewarded. I found that I was able to set the perfect balance that made each race feel just right for me.

One new feature of Forza 4 is the “Autovista” mode. Autovista can simply be described as the closest thing to car porn you will ever find. In Autovista the player can explore some of the most beautiful cars in the world, open every door, look under the hood and take a seat and marvel at the interior. Many of the cars in Autovista will make you win an event with the car in question before you can explore it. A very cool feature for all car lovers no doubt.

BUY IT - Forza 4 strikes the perfect balance between challenging realistic driving sim and fun streamlined racing game that will ensure everyone has a good time.

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