Details and videos of Top Gear in Forza 5

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In Forza Motorsport 4 we got those great commentary clips from Jeremy Clarkson in autovista mode. Well in Forza 5 the denim orangutan will be joined by Captain Slow and the Hamster in the form of provided commentary in the career mode, which is now divided up into smaller slices according to the car genre. The examples given were sports compacts, vintage cars, grand touring etc. Each of these campaigns should be longer than the "cups" of Forza 4.

In addition to the three presenters the Stig, or actually the Stig's Digital Cousin, will also be a part of the game. Details on that are still a little vague, but you will be able to race him in some way. Maybe the Stig has only set lap times for you to beat, or maybe there will be one-on-one track battles with it/him/her. All we know is this:

"And some say that there’s a new achievement in “Forza Motorsport 5,” with The Stig’s Digital Cousin, where if you beat him you’ll unlock the “Some Say” achievement (whatever that is)…

Oh, and the Dunsfold track will obviously be back.

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Sounds great.

Stig's ghost and time challenges are especially appealing.

But I really hope they get the campaign AI sorted from 4.

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Oh look a new screen! Seriously wtf is up with T10 and having Forza on lockdown? It's been forever since we got anything significant out of them. Are they just teasing or are they that far behind and crunching so much that they can't even spare a minute to snap a couple of screens?

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I love forza but the top gear crew do my head right in, I understand that the partnership makes sense but I wish there was a damn toggle to filter out their attempts to be witty and only have interesting motorsport info.

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I could listen to Jeremy Clarkson talk about cars and racing and anything motorsports related all fucking day.

All of the Top Gear. Put it all in!!

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I could listen to Jeremy Clarkson talk about cars and racing and anything motorsports related all fucking day.

Same here.

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