Giant Bomb Forza Race Night: Thursdays, 9:30 PM ET

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Giant Bomb Forza Race Night

Starts every Thursday Night at 9:30 PM ET (6:30 PT)

Runs until people get tired (usually 12 AM - 1 AM ET)

Since November 2009, a subset of the Giant Bomb community has gathered on the Xbox 360 to enjoy silly races and events with like-minded members in Forza Motorsport 3 or 4. That's 212 straight weeks of high-speed craziness.

Now it's time to switch consoles and take on Forza Motorsport 5, with its pretty cars and Xbox One functionality. We're not sure what to expect, but we'll keep on doing what we always do: drive cars and do silly things with them in the name of fun.

Do you like racing cars? Do you like doing silly stuff with cars? Do you want to do any or all of that with the Giant Bomb community? If so, you should join us.

Hosted by Trace (Peace Egg on Xbox Live). Streamed occasionally on

How To Join

This section is subject to change dramatically based on any improvements made to the Xbox One.

By Gamertag

Since Forza 5 doesn't have car clubs, you'll need to join the old-fashioned way: Off of my gamertag.

  1. Follow/friend my gamertag, Peace Egg. You should be able to do this without needing my permission on the Xbox One. Also, you should probably send this on the Xbox One, not the 360. I imagine that helps with making sure the following stuff works properly.
  2. When I start up the private lobby for Race Night just before 9:30 PM, I'll go through my list of followers and invite anyone playing Forza 5 into a party. This would be a good time to be playing Forza.
  3. In the unlikely event the party's full and more people want to join in on Forza, I'll dump out the current party and go back to the followers list for more.
  4. Yes, this is silly and I'm not sure how multiplayer functionality became so utterly messed up. Insert "Brian Ekberg hates Giant Bomb and Race Night" conspiracy theories here.

Should this method fail, we'll find another way to get everybody who wants to play into a lobby somehow. Maybe jump into some unloved public lobbies. I don't know.

What To Expect

While we mostly race during Race Night -- big surprise, I know -- we do have a few other game modes we've conjured up over the years that are fun.

Some of these games might be paraded out on any given night:

  • CAR SOCCER: If this is an official mode in Forza 5, we'll use that version. Otherwise, we'll bring back our old version of the game, which involves placing a tiny car in the middle of a straightaway and challenging two teams to boot it into their opponent's shed/goal zone/whatever.
  • CLUNKER PUSHING: Requires teams of two. One person is a clunker, an already-slow car with 75% of their horsepower and some of their grip taken away. The other person is a pusher, a faster vehicle with no such handicaps. First clunker to make it to the finish wins. It's like Cat & Mouse except more awesome. Typically done on a section of Fujimi Kaido's Old Hill Climb, but...that's kind of gone. Man. We'll just have to use a lap of Bathurst.
  • VIRUS TAG: One person starts as 'it'. When another person is tagged, he or she also becomes it. Repeat until everyone has been tagged and far too many references to lizardmen have been uttered. Not used all that often anymore since heats were removed from everything except drag racing.
  • FLAGPOLE RACING: One person is a flagpole. Everyone else is racing. Every time you encounter the flagpole, regardless of where it is on the track, you have to drive a circle around it before continuing on. The flagpole may move between laps.
  • ANYTHING ELSE: Expect the unexpected. I am always willing to try new things out, provided there's a good way for determining a winner in-game.

The Rules

Pretty simple, much like Giant Bomb's rules: Don't be a dick. So far, we haven't had any issues with this, but allow me to elaborate with suggestions that will greatly help everyone's experience:

Don't intentionally crash others during races.

Accidents happen -- quite frequently, in fact -- but please don't intentionally slam into other players. A little bumping here and there is discouraged, but sometimes it happens despite our best efforts to avoid it. Save that for the Drivatar AI.

Sometimes we'll throw this rule out the window, and it never applies during modes like clunker pushing and flagpole racing. Generally, if you haven't been told that a race is full-contact, you should try to avoid any contact.

If you do end up blatantly taking someone out by accident and get past them as a result, it's considered good manners to give them the position back. This doesn't always mean stopping on track, which we've learned can be pretty dangerous, but if you see them in your rear-view mirror driving at speed again, slowing down and letting them pass is a nice gesture.

Be mindful of the voice chat.

With up to 16 people, there's going to be a lot of potential voice chat going on, and for the first time, it's very unlikely we'll be using party chat at all. Do keep in mind that sometimes I'll ask for race suggestions or someone will try to explain game modes to newbies in the lobby. Chattering over this sort of stuff only delays the fun times. Don't delay the fun times!

In addition, if someone's headset is acting up, most especially with echoes or high-pitched squeals, we'll ask you to try and fix it ASAP, since that almost completely prevents us from communicating with one another. It's highly frustrating. Usually, unplugging or muting the headset until you can deal with it is a good temporary fix if you're in the midst of racing when this crops up.

Oh, and don't snap in TV if it's going to blare through your headset. That's just annoying.

Other Things You Should Know

If you want to join, JOIN.

Don't mull over whether we have enough room or anything. That's a thing of the past. With 16 spots, Race Night is almost never full. Therefore, if you want to play with us, newcomer or otherwise, you should join. Our fields are full of people with widely varying skills, and as long as you're willing to understand that racing's not always about finishing first, but finishing well, you should have a great time with us.

We don't mind if you're late.

Seriously. As long as we have open spots (and we will have open spots), we're looking for people until the end of Race Night. If you can only make it to Race Night an hour in, then that's more than fine.

Yes, we're starting a little earlier now.

9:30 PM EST is an hour earlier. Due to work and aging attendees (myself included), we'd like to get more racing in before we reach an ungodly hour of the night.

You don't need any cars or DLC, but having a car for each class and the DLC tracks would be nice.

The car suggestion is for your own enjoyment, as not earning money from rental cars is rarely fun. The DLC track thing just lets us run more varied races, but it's not required. Car DLC is never required, but it'd be nice if you could download the free car from each pack (should it exist), since that should allow you to see all the cars from that pack. Not being able to see when somebody uses a Ford Raptor detracts from the experience, trust me.

Have fun! That's what we're here for.

You're not going to become the next big name professional race car driver through Race Night, so just relax and try to have fun.

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Post reserved for any special event announcements or cool videos.

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Looking forward to getting back in the swing of things! Due to my own incompetence, I won't have my xbone until monday though...doh.

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The friends system on Xbox One is completely and totally fucked.

"Q: How do I invite friends to my multiplayer game?

Issue: You must invite friends via the Xbox One Party feature.


  • Set up your multiplayer game
  • Go to the Party app on the console dashboard and create a party
  • Invite your friends to the Party first. A Party can only hold 8 people (not 60) at a time.
  • Go back to the multiplayer game and invite your friends from the Party to join.
  • Now, since you can only have 8 people in a Party and can only invite people to a game from a Party, you'll at first only be able to invite 7 to the game. To get the full field of 16 in your game, you will need another person to set up another Party and invite 7 new people to it, then have them to to the game and invite the Party members."


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Consider yourself followed! Or friended. Or whatever terminology used for that.

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There is a VERY good chance that with the way the friends system currently works, we'll have a really awkward Race Night setup. It might either be a field trip into public lobbies with a party, or a strange set of invites to work everybody into a private lobby.

If I'm being honest, I think this is the point where Race Night is going to die off, unless some changes come along VERY quickly.

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So how the hell do I even follow you?

#8 Posted by gnarlycore (90 posts) -

At the rate I'm going...I'll have three cars by thursday! Gameplay is still there for sure, but man this game has some issues :/

#9 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -

@pseg: Wow that sucks I really hope MS changes the way that works....

P.S. I still need a xbone..........

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Is this still on ? In the uk so unsure of time differences but would be up for this sounds good fun! Although the new party system could be very problematic

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We're still going to try Forza Race Night in Forza 5 tonight. I'll update the main post, but here's how it's going to work:

  • If you've added me as a friend, I'll see you in followers. I'll go through my list of followers and invite anyone playing Forza 5 into a party.
  • Once everyone's in the party or the party's full, I'll go to a private lobby and dump everyone in. Should more people want to join in on Forza, I'll dump out the current party and go back to the followers list for more.
  • Yes, this is silly and I'm not sure how multiplayer functionality became so utterly messed up. Insert "Brian Ekberg hates Giant Bomb and Race Night" conspiracy theories here.

Because you need to use cars you own to earn money, let's stick to D and C class for the majority of tonight -- have cars ready for those classes. I can set up multi-class races for those of us who got the F1 car, but mainly I want people to earn credits tonight.

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I'll hop on for the opening night of Forza Motorsport 5! I'm probably attending once a year at this point, but it'll be nice to get back into it for a bit.

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Follow request sent , in 10 hours is that right ?

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@andymc1888: Correct. From the time I'm posting this message, 9:30 PM EST's about 9 hours and 17 minutes away.

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This happening ?

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Confirmed tonight: Race Night still works in Forza 5. The weekly streak keeps rolling, everyone. Party chat worked reasonably well, and we'll be able to dump in people as needed into the private lobby until Turn 10 or Microsoft fix the issues with joining games properly.

Apologies if you run into our Drivatars using jelly Jeeps in S class. That is one really cool feature in Forza 5: Buying cars and tunes in the lobby. Sometimes with tokens!

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Crap, I fell asleep and literally just woke up hoping to join. I guess the race nights are shorter now?

Hopefully next week!

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@unsolvedparadox: It was a slightly smaller crowd tonight with the new console and all, so once a few people tapped out we decided to call it.

Also, because I promised I'd share this for @andymc1888...Sushi's jelly tune at Bathurst. Our Drivatars will soon become very violent.

Loading Video...

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@pseg: Yeah, totally understand: I went to "rest my eyes", woke up, powered on my console and saw that you were last online 4 minutes ago...whoops.

I'm still waffling over the $50 season/car pass: that LaFerrari content is tempting, but I could almost buy another game with that...

#20 Posted by AndyMc1888 (149 posts) -

So yea do I win the jelly competition ? No PC access so can't put on YouTube does this work ?!229&authkey=!AH3C2mrwKYtleFM&ithint=video%2c.mp4

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I ended up picking up an xbox one while at a store getting a PS Plus card on BF because they had one there and the guy said, Oh I guess this one is available and I made an impulse buy. I guess I should get in on this? I just hope Microsoft dumps some inactive gamertags soon... Or I'll be proudly representing the #420!

Oh is the VIP stuff worth it? I'll end up getting the season pass next month or something, but I'm iffy on the VIP thing.

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I'm going to post these here... Jeff is right the game DVR stuff is best used for recording broken stuff.

Loading Video...

I don't even know, I was trying to drink water on the start of the race.

Loading Video...

That pit "box"

Loading Video...

Why is that Mini break dancing...?

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Some our Jelly Jeep stupidity from the other evening;

Loading Video...

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@cbyrne: The break dancing Mini is amazing.

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So I know that the credit payout for leveling up has been doubled. But, am I crazy or has the credit payout for races been significantly reduced?

#29 Posted by slowbird (1854 posts) -
#30 Posted by Falconer (1878 posts) -

So the credit update went live. I think. But did the economy update go out yet? I'm not seeing any changes on anything other than the super high end stuff.

#31 Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt (202 posts) -

The economy did. And yes, the only changes were the high end things. Didn't I send you that google doc?

There's a column labeled pre-12/19

#32 Posted by Falconer (1878 posts) -

@grnd_lb_knt: Oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that! Lol. I loaded up the game yesterday to make changes to my own doc and saw that almost nothing has changed, especially on the car token side of things. I'm still going to get the info myself though so I can make graphs and the such.

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I feel terrible 'bout not showing up last night. I was home. Just in a diff room on the comp. Sorry. It's like the one thing I look forward to during the week and I blew it. See y'all next week.

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I knew I forgot something...

#35 Posted by slowbird (1854 posts) -
#36 Posted by AndyMc1888 (149 posts) -

Does this still happen , I am off work tomorrow so this is tempting ...

#37 Posted by Trace (3682 posts) -

Does this still happen , I am off work tomorrow so this is tempting ...

Yep, same time every week.

#38 Posted by AndyMc1888 (149 posts) -

Good stuff i will make a reappearance after my one week show so far :)

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People, I just want to express how good last night was. The racing was tight, the banter was great, as was the conversation. We haven't had a Race Night like that in a while. It was sad to see some were dropped. However, after @pseg left we raced 3 or 4 more times. It was just that good. Hell, I even WON a race! No fluke either; had the fastest lap time too. Lets keep it up and get more here.

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Here's some clips using xbox dvr from Jan (mostly I think):

Loading Video...

#41 Posted by Dethfish (3746 posts) -

@grnd_lb_knt: I like that they've put a track in that seems to just have a small ramp on it. The jelly jeeps get crazy air off of that thing.

#42 Posted by Grnd_Lb_Knt (202 posts) -

More clips - I did these by recording Multiplayer Replays with the XBOX DVR:

Loading Video...

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Is there any sort of UK version of GB race night? Id love to take part in these but the time difference makes it almost impossible what with work etc.

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@davvyk: Not at the moment. The last time was about four and a half years ago, but it fell apart due to lack of attendance. In general, I've found that there isn't much European interest in any race nights, as odd as that may seem.

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Given that we just had a Twitch stream that was inexplicably watched by up to 53 or so people at one point, it seems fitting to point out that Giant Bomb Forza Race Night is totally still alive.

Of course, the racing's a little dumber than usual now, since there's a few less of us to make the super-serious races interesting as frequently. Think jelly cars aplenty and flying Volkswagen Beetles.

#46 Posted by Falconer (1878 posts) -


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So no serious Alfa GTV-6 race this week?

#48 Posted by CByrne (390 posts) -

Sadly only 2 more weeks of Forza 5 race night...

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