ashli518's Fossil Fighters (Nintendo DS) review

Not that great of a game

This game has a good story line and it keeps the player involved even long after the story has ended. As a dinosaur fan I was not happy about   the style o f the dinosaurs, they are too cartoony and aren't portrayed accurately. I would recommend this game to people who enjoy a long story line.


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    The Best Ripoff I've Been Around 0

    Ms. Pink and Mr. Vandal don't have a clue of their impending doom lurking behind the title logo.If you have to make a game by ripping off a successful game franchise, Fossil Fighters (FF) for the NDS is the example you want to follow. Certainly many of the things seen in this Artdink product will scream Pocket Monster knockoff, but there are enough features to separate the imitator and the imitated. In fact, there are moments that FF actually seems to surpass Pokemon. The story is one of humor a...

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