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In Fowl Space, you play as a rooster named "Astrocock" who despises the Sun. As he grows tired of having to wake up every morning along side the Sun, Astrocock decides that he'll travel to the giant ball of flame to destroy it. However, as soon as he lands, he quickly realizes that the Sun is actually a hidden space station for caffeine addicted Vikings... dressed in lingerie.

According to developer Eddy Walters, the concept for the game grew out of boredom during a terrible class. It was the summer and Walters has described the class as being the "worst class of our lives." Three out of the four game designers were in the class together when the character designer in a fit of boredom while trying to learn "How to Make Graphs Fun" begged the other guys for ideas for something to draw. Walters then suggested that he draw a rooster. The character designer then countered by saying that the rooster would need a job. The lead programmer leaned in and then suggested that they make the rooster an astronaut. Walters has stated that the game was born in that moment with the final detail being figuring out what a roosters motivation for going to space would be.


Lead developer Eddy Walters has stated that the game is pretty much "...wall-to-wall cock jokes for 3-3.5 hours." The basic idea is that it's a 2D brawler with platforming elements. As you shoot your way to the sun's core, the rooster collects the Vikings' lingerie for points. Walters further stated "It's a known fact. Vikings love lingerie."

System Requirements

  • Operating System:Windows XP, or later
  • Memory:512 MB RAM
  • DirectX®:9
  • Hard Drive:70 MB HD space
  • Additional:Adobe Air 3.0, or higher

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