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Fox Mulder was one of the central characters in the long running television show The X-Files.  Mulder was nicknamed 'Spooky' during his time at the FBI academy for his interest into the paranormal.  This interest into the paranormal was set off when his younger sister, Samantha, was abducted by aliens when he was just a child.  His sister's abduction is what prompted him to join the Federal Bureau of Investigation so that he could learn the truth about the government's concealment of an ongoing alien conspiracy. 

Mulder's partner, Dana Scully,was assigned to Mulder so that she could bring a skeptical perspective to the cases that were being investigated in the X-Files.  Throughout the X-Files run on television Mulder and Scully encountered many paranormal occurrences ranging from alien abductions, strange creatures, and an assortment of strange characters.

During a later season of the X-Files Fox Mulder was himself abducted by aliens and contracted an alien virus which eventually lead him to abandon the X-Files
after being fired from the FBI and went into hiding in New Mexico after his life was threatened.  Mulder discovers that there has been a long standing alien conspiracy that has been going on for years, that allows for the colonization of Earth by aliens in the year 2012.

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