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Fract OSC is described by the creators as "Myst meets Rez meets Tron". Set in an abstract world built on sounds inspired by electronic music, players explore a fractured world (from which the name is derived), rebuilding abandoned and broken machinery which can then be used to create their own sounds and music. The puzzles are musical in nature and solving them teaches the player about electronic sound design and music creation concepts, specifically focusing on the tools presented to the player within the Fract world. Much of the sound throughout the game is synthesized in realtime via Oscillators (the foundation of a synthesiser's sound, hence "OSC") and the game world can be seen reacting to it.


Fract OSC is a project developed in Montreal, Canada by indie developer Phosfiend Systems. It began as a student project at the Ubisoft Campus of University of Montreal using the Unity Engine. The initial prototype was completed in 2010. Due to favorable response, it was further refined and updated versions were presented at both the Independent Games Festival and the 2011 Game Developers Conference. The game was greenlit and released on Steam following a small alternate reality game on youtube consisting of videos, when combined, revealing the final release date.


  • Student Showcase Award - Independent Games Festival 2011
  • Best Student Game - Independent Games Festival 2011

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