These developers are cool dudes!

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I met these guys at a few lans and they have always been really cool dudes. Auditorium and Fractal are both great games and they always had them open for free play at the lan and plenty of people would go up and play them.  
They also have great shirts ^.^ I think I got a lot of them.
I encourage people to buy the games they make!

#2 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7184 posts) -

I'll buy them if you pay me to buy them.

#3 Posted by DG991 (1340 posts) -

ok i need ur credit card info to verify your age because these games are 18++

#4 Posted by StarFoxA (5163 posts) -

Dude! Someone else knows about Fractal!
I love that game.

#5 Posted by DG991 (1340 posts) -

I actually played it like when they first started on it. The GXL had a test lan the week before the big lan and cipherprime came out because they wanted to set up a booth I guess and get ready.  
So they were in the back of the small room we were testing the game servers and projector for videos and stuff (something I was sort of in charge of, i didn't do a very good job) and I was talking to them asking them what they were working on. I liked the previous game they showed off (auditorium) which everyone played ALL FUCKING NIGHT and kept us all awake with the music lolol. So anyway they showed me a very very very early build of Fractal, and then they were like, hey sit down and check it out. :D  and I liked it.
It's really cool to play a game when it's in that new stage and then get to play the final product later, seeing how it comes together and stuff.  

#6 Posted by StarFoxA (5163 posts) -
@DG991: Wow, that's awesome. I didn't get the game until it came out, but getting a discount for pre-ordering was nice.
#7 Posted by DG991 (1340 posts) -

I think I might get to see the cipherprime dudes this Saturday actually! I'm going to a party and I'll probably see them there. You got any easy questions for them I can remember? :P 

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