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Fracture isn't a bad game, but it certainly isn't that good. 0

In the vast library of next-gen games, Bioshock is the equivalent of Shakespeare, Resistance is Michael Crichton, and Fracture is some trashy action book on the Clearance rack. It's not well written, it's not nuanced, but it does provide some decent thrills despite its flaws. That said, you wouldn't buy a mediocre book at full price and you shouldn't pay full price for Fracture, either. This is most definately a rental.Fracture's story concerns tough ethical issues such a stem cell research and ...

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Been there done that. Oh look, a hole. 0

It’s 22 Century , and the country has been divided into two factions, the western half, known as the Pacificans, and the East Coast, known as the Atlantic Alliance.  What’s the reason for the split?  Global warming.  To deal with the rapidly changing climate, the Pacificans decided that they would start to genetically enhance their citizens by altering their DNA, whilst the Atlantic Alliance opted for cybernetic enhancements instead.  The Atlantic Alliance then decide that genetic enhancement s...

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Fracture 1

After fumbling around in the alternate United States that is presented in Fracture, an important lesson can be taken from your time with it - any game that has you shooting at the ground more than shooting at enemies should probably go back into the testing phases...and burn inside a disc drive.If you couldn't tell already, I wasn't a big fan of Fracture.  Much like communism, the idea of Fracture sounds great on paper:  grab a pot, throw in 1 part Halo, 1 part Gears of War, add a physics engine...

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A quick playthough isn't terrible... 0

I actually liked this more than I expected, which is to say I didn't completely hate it.  I actually bought this game for my Dad, from the bargain bin, because he pretty much exclusively plays shooters and does appear to have any discernment as to quality.  He let me borrow it, and I started the game up on easy because I didn't really want to spend that much time on it.  To the "unique feature" of terrain deformation.  I actually like this.  You solve some puzzles, create some cover, it looks co...

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Day 1 does it again... 0

You remember how you loved Mech Assault?  Remember when the sight of Denny Thorley at E3 brought enjoyment?  Yah that's all in the past, now.  I used to be the world's biggest Day 1 longer... While FEAR may not have been the worst game in the world and actually showcased innovation that was worthwhile (with the slo-mo tech),  Fracture just fails to hit that mark every time.  I won't rehash Vinny's review because everything he says is right on. What kind of game company publishes a medio...

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Not all it's cracked up to be... 0

     If there's one thing movies, TV, and games have shown it's that the future will suck. Whether it's by natural disasters, lack of resources, or alien invasions; nothing good ever happens. Such is the state of the world in Fracture.      In the year 2161, a global climate change has altered the world and flooded the mid-west rendering it a wasteland. This has split the US both geographically and as a nation. In order to survive the east and west coasts have pursued different paths of evolut...

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