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Frame City is not a friendly place.

Set in the year 2047, you play as Crow, an agent (from an untold country) sent to Frame City to take down a man named Kahn, who is a terrorist but likes to dabble in the drug trade. With no clues or details on Kahn's whereabouts Crow has no choice but to start with the madman's low level associates.


Crow tails a target.

The player would track their target following them from location to location. After gathering enough information on the target you make choices. These choices include when and how to dispose of the target. There are several factors that should be thought of including time of day and location. You are given a selection of weapons or you could do it with the old fisticuffs or just run them over with a car.

Unreal 3 Engine

Frame City Killer was the first Japanese developed game to use the

Unreal 3 Engine



In May 2006, Namco officially announced they would stop development on Frame City Killer.

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