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Frances "Fran" Batty Curtis is the current leader of the Resistance, a title she inherited from her father, Jack Batty.

Her father had died a year ago, when the Chief of the Corporation blindsided his AC with a missile barrage as he readied his Grind Blade to use on the player during Chapter 00. As he died, Fran tried to contact him to confirm their rendezvous after escaping the City after the failed attack.

Fran is overly concerned about the health and safety of all Resistance members, and is reliant on her support team - including Leon - for council. This has led to tensions between her and Rosary, who believes her to be indecisive.

It is unknown how Fran came to know the player, though it is likely that she hired him, looking for extra firepower as the Resistance's failed attack on the City drained their resources heavily.

Fran is voiced by Tara Strong.

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