Pizza Anyone?

#1 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -
#2 Posted by chstupid (806 posts) -

That's fucking awesome

#3 Posted by AjayRaz (12487 posts) -

oh shit

#4 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11492 posts) -

So not only has he covered wars, he's cooked pizza too? 

#5 Posted by Bucketdeth (8048 posts) -
@MooseyMcMan said:
" So not only has he covered wars, he's cooked pizza too?  "
I've covered Pizza in my special meat sauce you know.
#6 Posted by GoofyGoober (933 posts) -

I am surprised that this thread has not sky rocketed with puns.

#7 Posted by Nikral (289 posts) -

Welllll if you wanna be technical. The apostrophe is after really he went to Frank's Pizzeria in the West......

#8 Posted by rjayb89 (7730 posts) -
#9 Posted by AlphaCentauri (183 posts) -

I don't get it.

#10 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -
@AlphaCentauri said:
" I don't get it. "
Then GTFO, infidel!!!!!
#11 Posted by Claude (16255 posts) -

Runswick Dr. scares me more.

#12 Posted by Lemoncookie01 (1642 posts) -

That's not pizza sauce;that's ZOMBIE Blood.D:

#13 Posted by clubsandwich (3795 posts) -

He's covered pizza's with pepperoni you know.

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