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Freddy Fish is an arcade game made for the PC by Mirror Images Software, Inc, where players control a fish in an ocean. To progress through the levels, players must grow, and the only way to do that is by consuming other fish. However, players can only eat smaller fish; and will be eaten by larger fish. In addition to larger fish, players also have to dodge nets and fishing hooks.


Each level is broken into three stage: in the first stage, players must eat smaller, white fish in order to progress, while dodging hazards. In the second stage, players must navigate around a tight maze eating enough smaller white fish to complete the stage. And on the final stage, players must free their fish friends trapped inside a fishing net - however, the only way to do this is to eat smaller fish in order to become stronger in order to bite through the net and free them. However, the bigger that the player's fish gets, the more difficult it becomes to navigate around hazards. If players come into contact with any kind of hazard, they will lose a life.

In addition to hazards, you also have to battle against the clock - players only have a certain amount of time to complete each stage before it's game over.

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