Elm Street Remake

#1 Posted by MagusMaleficus (1074 posts) -

Who here is excited/repulsed by the recent news of a Platinum Dunes-produced remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street?

#2 Posted by Bradtron (41 posts) -

I'll see it, but I'm not expecting much.  Horror remakes .... not so good.

#3 Posted by Heartagram (1284 posts) -

So i hear the guy that played rorshack (SP?) in Watchmen will be freddy also the kid from Haunting in Connecticut will be playing the Johnny Depp Type character

#4 Posted by jakob187 (22308 posts) -

Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach in Watchmen, the child molestor in Little Children) is confirmed to be cast as Freddy Krueger.  After his performance in Little Children, I think he's got the child molestor/murderer part down pretty well.  I'm just curious about whether he'll be menacing enough.

Personally, I'm not repulsed by this, as I've enjoyed the reboots that Platinum Dunes has made.  They made Texas Chainsaw Massacre far more bearable, as well as Amityville Horror.  They actually made Friday the 13th worth watching, since ya know...Jason wasn't even IN the first movie!!!  The only thing I have issue with is The Hills Have Eyes.

One piece of beef that I have is that Freddy Krueger doesn't really NEED a reboot.  The original is still so super fresh even today, both in terms of horror and special effects.  However, I know that Wes and a good handful of folks from the original will have some creative control over certain elements.

All in all, I view this the same way I viewed New Nightmare:  an updating of a classic.  New Nightmare was excellent...so I don't see why this would be any different.
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A Nightmare on Elm Street - Robert Englund = Fail        Those movies wont be the same without Robert Englund.

#6 Posted by jakob187 (22308 posts) -
JJOR64 said:
"A Nightmare on Elm Street - Robert Englund = Fail        Those movies wont be the same without Robert Englund."


Yep, smells like negativity and Hater-ade!

Look, yes, Robert Englund is the definitive Freddy Krueger.  That's a given.  However, Robert Englund works within the scripts that were written for his Freddy Krueger.  His portrayal of the character was also funnier with each iteration until New Nightmare hit.

Freddy is supposed to be a sarcastic and terrifying character.  He's lost that, mainly due to New Line's attempts to tentpole the franchise as well as Englund's portrayal of the character turning into a farce rather than a scary motherfucker.

Hopefully, this will restore some of that horror and terror that Freddy brought.
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I wish they would let this franchise die.

I know its supposed to be a remake, but please...

#8 Edited by Heartagram (1284 posts) -

Dude how can you say you don't like hills have eyes it is by far the best remake to come out in a long long while but beside the point.

I will miss Robert but i am hopeful for this movie.
I also thought New Nightmare was very meh....i do hear Wes is working closely with this and considering Last House on the Left Turned out decently i think he may have something in him that wants to make good movies again.

Also Friday the 13th (2009) is not a good movie just saying. It isn't a remake its just another Friday movie if it was Friday 12 that at least would have not made it seem as if it was something fresh it wasn't. As a Friday movie it was OK but that's really not saying much. Considering most of the sequels are ass

Also tons of movies get reboots that don't need them look at Suspiria....why would you even try.

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