I want a Freedom Fighters 2!

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#1 Posted by Vivek (646 posts) -
Kane & Bitch was a total disaster. I was truly looking forward to it till I got to play it and thought, what the fuck! Freedom Fighters is one of the best games that graced the previous generations of consoles. Third Person easy to handle squad based shooter that was FUN.

I believe that Freedom Fighters 2 would fit great into today's market.  Not saying the market is missing any squad based third person shooters, but really there isn't one out there that makes me feel the same way about that game. What you think?
#2 Posted by Aska (491 posts) -

You and me both.  This game was a hidden gem and really deserves a sequel.

#3 Posted by elliooo (299 posts) -

Yes! I remember this game, it really flew under the radar on release, but was definitely a solid game - definitely one of the best squad-based shooters I've played.

#4 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Don't we all?

I never finished the first one for some reason though

#5 Posted by bigcess (151 posts) -


#6 Posted by Blackmoore (258 posts) -

I played the PC version of the game, and loved every moment of it. I have to commend the controls, everything was easy and intuitive. Squad based shooters with this quality are hard to come by. I would love a sequel.

#7 Posted by Mr_Bauer (430 posts) -

yes, please give us a sequel..

#8 Posted by Socks (26 posts) -

Freedom Fighters is the only reason I still have a Gamecube.

#9 Edited by steevl (218 posts) -

Agreed, I've been hoping for a Freedom Fighters sequel ever since I beat the original game.  I've played through it at least 3 times, and I rarely do that with any games these days.  It was so easy to control your squad, and there were almost always multiple paths through each level.  The atmosphere was amazing, and the music was a big part of that.  I think I bought the game when it came out as a part of a "buy 2 get 1 free" deal at Toys R Us.  I really had no idea that it would be this good, because the whole idea sounded cheesy.

#10 Posted by t67443 (107 posts) -

I believe that it has been said this game will have a sequal but I think they said Kane and Lynch 2 will be released first. And possibly a new Hitman game.

#11 Posted by DarkLegend (1383 posts) -

We  need one, we really do.

#12 Posted by slashdotdot (110 posts) -

This is the best item that has come out of Denmark since the dawn of time.
We need a second game, we want a second game, we would buy a second game:
They should make a second game!

#13 Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God (302 posts) -

Who the fuck doesnt? You guys remember when Jeff and the gang had an email about this back on gamespot and they mentioned how they kept getting emails about it on a repeated basis? The problem is that we have to get IO to recognize how many of us want and would purchase a freedom fighters 2

#14 Posted by Rorschach (338 posts) -

I'd love it also, but  it's much more likely that we'll see a hundred more Hitman games first, as they're the developers biggest cash cow. Here's hoping that they take a chance.

#15 Posted by Quick_Stop_Chad (61 posts) -
#16 Posted by Bulldog19892 (1835 posts) -
Quick_Stop_Chad said:
"looks like your in luck
Sweet. I loved the first 'Freedom Fighters'. It was IO Interactive's best game. I also want a new Hitman. I've been a fan of that series since the second one, and Blood Money was by far the best. I can;t wait to see what they do with these two games, because it's looking to be awesome.
#17 Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy (1476 posts) -

So does the rest of the world I have wanted it for so long but dont want to be dissapointed I want multiplayer original similar to kane and lynch style even though I didnt play it. Ground up next gen and more but we will see when this comes out since they wont talk about it at all.

#18 Posted by igpx407 (83 posts) -

Freedom Fighters was awesome. So awesome i actually beat it. For whatever reason i rarely see games through to the end.

#19 Posted by TimeWaffle (967 posts) -

yeah that such a great game i think they announced the sequel right after the first one came out but they still haven't made it

#20 Posted by Knives (756 posts) -

This game didn't do anything for me. Perhaps I should give it another shot.

#21 Posted by HoNgKoNgPh0oEy (1476 posts) -
Knives said:
"This game didn't do anything for me. Perhaps I should give it another shot."
You should just try to complete single player campaign and enjoy everything about it .
#22 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

Freedom Fighters was a game that, looking back, I have no idea why I bought it. I am very glad that I did, though, as the game was a blast to play. I'm all for a sequel.

#23 Posted by igpx407 (83 posts) -
BoG said:
"Freedom Fighters was a game that, looking back, I have no idea why I bought it. I am very glad that I did, though, as the game was a blast to play. I'm all for a sequel.
You unconsciously sensed how awesome it would be.
#24 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -
igpx407 said:
"BoG said:
"Freedom Fighters was a game that, looking back, I have no idea why I bought it. I am very glad that I did, though, as the game was a blast to play. I'm all for a sequel.
You unconsciously sensed how awesome it would be. "
True, that is. I think it came out at a time when I bought any game that Jeff org Greg gave a good score. I just checked, and it was jeff who gave it a 9.3.
#25 Posted by Homes (361 posts) -

I too wish for a sequel. I created the Freedom Fighter 2 page on GB but it seems to have been deleted, which sucks.

#26 Posted by Clean (2433 posts) -

I hear ya man

#27 Posted by BinocularFever (39 posts) -

I could get behind this, but I'll stay pessimistic for now, unfortunately.

#28 Posted by AuthenticM (4251 posts) -

This game owned. I also want a sequel.

#29 Posted by Hewkii (192 posts) -

we all want a sequel. it's just the thing that you have to wait a decade for. you know, like TF2.

#30 Posted by Vivek (646 posts) -

Wow, I didnt know my post would cause such a response. This game was a hidden gem. I think a sequel will take a while to come but at least I now know im not the only one that completed this game multiple times and loved it. Did anyone use the cheats, I used to love the invisibility one and confuse the hell out of the guards.

#31 Posted by MattBodega (2276 posts) -

Freedom Fighters is easily the saddest irony of the Kane And Lynch/GerstmannGate madness. K&L was basically a spiritual succesor to Freedom fighters(in terms of the gameplay) but it doesn't even come close to matching the tight controls and smart A.I of it's 4 year old counterpart. 
And while most reviews of  Freedom Fighters were midling, the game got   got one absolutely positive review: Jeff's
The irony is so thick, you could swear at it and become synonimous with a lack of integrety.
Freedom Fighters, man. I'd love to see a sequel.  It's probably one of the mot influential shooters of the past 10 years: it made "Squad Tactics" easy, tactical, and fun on consoles(as apossed to the plodding and borring squad tactics of  the PC Ghost Recon and Rainbow 6) Also, it's the first game, i think, to have an over the sholder shooting perspective, the very same aiming mode that made RE4 such a success.
So, yeah. Freedom Fighters 2. Let's do it!

#32 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

Good call. That was a cool game that many people didn't play.

#33 Posted by Doonee63 (101 posts) -

I was just playin it today

#34 Posted by jakob187 (22370 posts) -

Freedom Fighters was an extremely solid game.  It had one of the best squad mechanics I've ever seen in a game, and it's definitely something that could benefit from this newly established online era for console gaming.  Four player co-op in this could make for an amazing experience.

I remembered hearing something about a sequel, but as far as I know, that was canned in place of Kane & Lynch coming out instead.  However, Io went on record in interviews saying that it was still something that were planning on.  Unfortunately, as poor of a game that Kane & Lynch or Army of Two (not Io, but co-op and "squad" based still) were...I just don't know if anyone could recreate the magic that Freedom Fighters had.

I would love to see a sequel, but at this point...I think I would rather see someone else handle the development of it if they ever did.
#35 Posted by MKHavoc (1303 posts) -

I think the reason we haven't seen another one is because no bought the first game.

#36 Posted by dsplayer1010 (2331 posts) -

You got Kane and Lynch instead, Life's tough, get a helmet.

#37 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -

yeah they announced it...i just dont know what happened to it

#38 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -

its still TBA for pc, ps2, and xbox... dont think it will happen


#39 Posted by Bulldog19892 (1835 posts) -

I think they're working on a new Hitman now aren't they?

#40 Posted by BackpackKat (518 posts) -

I love this game! My step brother and I would play this all the time and definitely one of the greats of the 3rd person shooter genre! Hopefully after Kane and Lynch 2 we will see something about this. 

#41 Posted by theredcoat24 (274 posts) -

Defiantly needs a sequel

#42 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6805 posts) -

Freedom Fighters was sweet.  I didn't get to finish it though, some dick kid stole it from me.  (My little brother let his friend borrow it and that kid "lost" it.)

#43 Posted by kermoosh (919 posts) -

i just borrowed it from a friend and beat it, and even after playing modern games on the 360, i thought it was much better than a lot of other games. it had excellent controls, pretty smart ai for the time. only exception is that the ending was a bummer, but was pretty funny though
i dont buy many games but i would probably buy a sequal for this in a heartbeat

#44 Posted by roofy (1021 posts) -

awesome idea,
i absolutely loved the first and would buy the second day one

#45 Posted by AuthenticM (4251 posts) -

Square should order them to make it.

#46 Posted by Jeff (5343 posts) -

As I understand it, EA owns the Freedom Fighters property. IO is owned by Square. Not going to happen.

Staff Online
#47 Posted by pbhawks45 (819 posts) -
@Jeff said:
" As I understand it, EA owns the Freedom Fighters property. IO is owned by Square. Not going to happen. "
If EA does own it, why not give it to a team like EA Canada or Redwood Shores? They've got some really talented people there. Is IO the only company allowed to make a sequel? Me confused.
#48 Posted by Snail (8781 posts) -

I agree but you have a funky way of using bold.

#49 Posted by AgentofChaos (1575 posts) -

I dont want a plot sequel! A sequel with a new invasion would be interesting though.

#50 Posted by FunExplosions (5534 posts) -

Too bad. Really like the first one, except for that damn right analog zooming-in bullshit. Destroyed my thumb's joints.

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