I want a Freedom Fighters 2!

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#51 Posted by jonnyboy (2920 posts) -

I am a HUGE fan of the first game, and would love a sequel, but I can't see it happening. Let's not forget that another game recently did the whole 'Russia invades the US' thing so they might need to work on a new concept.
Personally I think they should do what MW2 failed to do and have Russia invade the moon.

#52 Posted by snoopdye (87 posts) -

Just bought this off amazon for some nostalgia. I want a sequel!

#53 Posted by FulcoBallard (28 posts) -

2 words HELL YES!!!!!!

#54 Edited by IsaiahNicolle (1 posts) -

Freedom Fighters is still my favorite game to this day.  IO Studios is letting me down lately.  Think of the awesome co-op possibilities with today's systems and the tactical glory of Freedom Fighters.  Incorporate melee stealth kills and character customization... The perfect game.  I beat the original countless times... I'd guess it's in the 20's.  And XBOX 360 needs to hurry the crap up and make it so I can play it on there.

#55 Posted by Domeuhlome (101 posts) -

Ohhhh man. I would love that to come out. Only if the American's wasn't the only group that spawns with a shotgun in split screen multi-player.....

#56 Posted by baconbits33 (1156 posts) -

God... that is like my favirote game....

#57 Posted by NTM (7519 posts) -

The demise of its sequel is just so sad...

#58 Posted by Xaotros (3 posts) -

After 8 long years we are still here waiting for ff2 so come on xd and another thing why didnt u put a mp in pc in freedom fighters ?

#59 Posted by Nightriff (5249 posts) -

Yup, that would be fantastic

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