They should do a Freedom Fighters quick look.

#1 Posted by NTM (8287 posts) -

It should be on either September 11th, or the 4th of July. Also, not concerning a quick look, I think they need to re-release this game on the current consoles with updated graphics, to tell fans "Hey, guess what!? We're finally making a sequel!" There needs to be a sequel! This game was so good, I remember playing it back in 04 around my 14th birthday, my brother bought this, and I got Ninja Gaiden on the original Xbox. I wasn't exactly interested in playing Freedom Fighters, as I couldn't really get the handle of it on the PS2 when it came out in 03 when we rented it from a local Hollywood video, but as many may have had problems with Ninja Gaiden since it's known to be difficult, I simply stopped playing it because I got to one of the bosses and I didn't know that I could upgrade, so there was no way I was going to make it through.  
Anyways, I stopped playing Ninja Gaiden, and started playing Freedom Fighters, that game quickly grew on me, and it turned out I missed on a fantastic game from the year before because I just didn't want to learn how to play it with my puny little brain power. After I beat Freedom Fighters, again, and again, I had finally got back, and played Ninja Gaiden through, finally noticing that I could upgrade once I went back. I had a great birthday. Yes, Freedom Fighters, amazing. If you haven't played it, go buy it if you can find it. Its 720p backwards compatible on 360, find it on PC, or try to play it on your Wii if you have it on gamecube, or play it on a backwards compatible PS3 if you have it on PS2, or if you're still playing your PS2, get it on that. It's too good to be missed. I think I may just take it out and play it very soon here. 
There's nothing for me to celebrate - they'll be back - with bigger guns and more soldiers.  
-- Chris Stone hinting that there'll be a sequel in 2007. 
Oh wait... I guess there really wasn't anything to celebrate after all.

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It was a great game. I'd love to play a sequel.

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Yup the game was the shit. And it usually it takes a couple games in a franchise for IO to get it right (remember the first Hitman? Or more recently Kane and Lynch, those games are awful) but Freedom Fighters was nearly flawless.

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This is one of the few games that I genuinely believe need a sequel. I effin loved this game back in the day

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I have a sealed copy collecting dust on my shelf.  
Is it worth opening, or should I just let it's value go up?

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@EVO: Open it up. By now, I don't think you'll be able to get a lot of money off of it. It'll be years until that happens. It's a must play.
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I loved everything about Freedom Fighters. It is one of the few games I have played over and over and over again. Unfortunately I think it has joined The Suffering in the stable of modust commercial successes which will probably never get a proper sequel.

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@CenturionCajun: At least The Suffering got a sequel, but I understand how you feel.
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If only.

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