potzergaeren's Freedom Fighters (PlayStation 2) review

Why did i ever get rid of this game?!

Freedom Fighters. Oh the joy. Freedom Fighters is the ultimate (politically) guilty pleasure game. It's an alternate reality in which the russians got the atomic bomb first. This incident led to them being the penultimate superpower rather than the u.s. now fast forward 60 years. Invasion time! The russians have come to put down the last bastion of capitalist dogs; the americans!

The game is squad based, sort of. The commands are relatively simple so as not to take away from the action the game provides. You move on small segment maps interconnected by a fast travel hub system i.e.- the sewers. the game plays fast and loose, but can be strategic, to an extent. nor blood or gore kept the game to a teen rating, but doesn't really take much away from the enjoyment.

the music is sweeping and epic, and big surprise it's by jesper kyd the same european dude who did all the good soundtracks for the sister franchise of hitman / agent 47 games.

It's beautifully designed by -io- makers of the popular hitman franchise. Everything is done with the expert craftmanship, and attention to detail that has made -io- famous. Well done boys!
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