Who still plays?

#1 Posted by momentarylogic (416 posts) -

I love this game.. still. And I find myself booting it up a lot for the sheer ambiance and creepy/overwhelming feeling of the game.

Can anyone recommend something better/similar?

#2 Posted by Endogene (4741 posts) -

i never played anything that felt better than freelancer.

#3 Posted by HAMrik (32 posts) -

I still boot it up from time to time.

Great game.

#4 Posted by Rowr (5824 posts) -

Sadly no longer play it. The parts of the game out of the space ship are now very hard to look at.

Really would like to see a sequel.

#5 Posted by Dimsey (967 posts) -

Every few months or so my brother and I will both install it and stuff around in multiplayer.
He'll roam around mining, trading, exploring and I'll follow him blasting everything that tries to blast him
Good fun! Just gets boring after extended play. Still fun and yeah, a sequel would be sweet.

#6 Posted by momentarylogic (416 posts) -

I would love to seem them finish the wide ambition in the sequel and make all the static world areas 1st person shooteresque.

#7 Posted by Jayge_ (10221 posts) -

We need moar Freelancer current-gen >.>

#8 Posted by AngeTheDude (700 posts) -

I just re-installed this and I love it. The FreeWorlds Star Wars mod is really great as well.

#9 Posted by Lunarbunny (1025 posts) -

I want to see a sequel too. Maybe Jumpgate Evolution will calm that sentiment...

I haven't played FL in a while though, I should install it again. Anybody else here used to play on the Central Oregon Gamers server?

#10 Posted by Swinghi (142 posts) -

I loved it and still play it every once in a while.  I also like the Star Wars Multiplayer that is out there.  So cool.

#11 Posted by Darth_Roel (2 posts) -

Just started a new game today :)

#12 Posted by EvilDingo (589 posts) -

I've always love these kind of games. I've played the hell out of both these open space-trading/privateering-games AND open pirate-type game like...well, Sid Meier's Pirates and POTC. Similar games - different setting.

I've just installed it again since I was testing out Cross Over for mac, and it works.. and since I played this game last there has come a lot of mods along, which pretty much justifies taking the game up again.

While on station graphic show their age, I personally still love how space looks in his game.
#13 Posted by Pazy (2601 posts) -

I love this game but find it hard to play. Most of the multiplayer servers I used to like are dead or dying and the ones ive tried to get into seem to be dying as well. Ill hopfully find one that isnt dying but even then who knows if ill fit in with the community.

Im hoping Jumpgate Evolution will be essentialy Freelancer 2 though.

#14 Posted by dprabon (318 posts) -

Wicked Sweet game

wish for a Freelancer 2

I don't care for MMOs \ :
#15 Posted by Xaus (12 posts) -

I just finished a playthrough again. Man, I've forgotten how rushed Kusari and Rheinland was and how quickly the game suddenly wraps up.

This is like a poster child of what happenes when you rush an epic. I really hope for a Freelancer 2 and it's not like Chris Roberts doesn't have the funny to do it either.

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