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Freeside wasn't heavily damage thanks to Mr. House's missile defenses that destroyed the incoming nukes when the Great War started in 2077. When the Vault tribes started arising after the nuclear fire calm down, they began occupying the abandoned buildings where they fought among themselves. Then Mr. House's robots had intervene, where then they directed the natives to start building the large walls from scrape around the Freeside and New Vegas area. At first, Mr. House attempted to control both The Strip and Freeside. Eventually, House realized that there is not much value in holding Freeside so he built another wall between New Vegas and Freeside and withdraw his Securitrons from the area. The place had then turned as a way for to filter the poor and scum out of New Vegas, which in turned, make Freeside more violent. Two groups attempted to maintain order in Freeside, The Kings and The Followers of the Apocalypse. The Kings gang worked out of their main headquarters at the King's School of Impersonations, where they created order by having their gangs roam the streets and control some supplies of food and water. The Followers of the Apocalypse went a more peacefully routine in maintaining order by handling simple needs like medical attention and providence of food and water for those that need it. Though they lacking numbers and supplies need to tell with the number of people that come in, their main headquarters at the Old Mormon Fort is more than ideal spot to help as many people as possible. Only recently has the NCR setup shop within Freeside itself by opening up a humanitarian operation where food is handed out. Only catch is that the food is only made available for NCR citizens, which are few in numbers within Freeside.


Mick & Ralph's store from the outside

Mick & Ralph's - This pawn shop has everything you need to survive in Freeside. Ralph sells consumables such as food,water,magazines,parts,tools,clothes, and more. But if your hoping to buy some hot heat, your going to have to head to Mick. But if you don't enjoy the guns that Mick is packing, you can ask him about his "secret stash". If you pass a level 30 speech check, Mick will ask you to follow him to where he introduces you to his secret stash hidden behind his wall. Enjoy!

Old Mormon Fort from the outside

Old Mormon Fort - Hurt? Highly radiated? Just want to talk to some nice folks? Look no further as Old Mormon Fort is the place for! Visiting the Mojave Wasteland's oldest structure will not only give you a boost, both moral and physically. But it's also a great way to level up your character as there are numerous questions that begun. If you are also in need of a companion and have good karma, Arcade Gannon will be more than happy to join you in your quest for wasteland domination.

The King's School of Impersonations from the outside.

King's School of Impersonations - The streets of Freeside have turned out a lot safer because of these gentlemen, and they still rolling with the sway. King's School of Impersonations is the home to the gang of The Kings and to the supreme impersonator of Elvis Presley: The King. You also have the chance to pick up the companion Rex. AKA the coolest robotic dog in the Wasteland.

The Silver Rush shop from the outside.

Silver Rush - This once casino is now the prime location to buy anything and everything energy weapon related. The gang that runs this sweet little shop are known as the Van Graffs, and trust me, they are a pair of tough cookie. Though tempting, don't try to steal anything as there are guard all around and they aren't afraid to give you the one-two if you try anything fishy.

The Atomic Wrangler Casino from the outside.

Atomic Wrangler Casino - If your too poor to enter the New Vegas Strip, but want to get your gamble on, look no further as the Atomic Wrangler is your hotspot. Not only does the Wrangler have games like Blackjack and slots, but it also contain rooms,vendors, and comedy shows. The Garrett Twins own the place, so ask them if there is any work that needs getting done as they offer a handful of questions. Also, if you need a better reputation in Freeside, pay James Garrett some caps and he'll raise it up for you.


  • G.I Blues
  • Kings' Gambit
  • High Times
  • Debt Collector
  • Wang Dang Atomic Tango
  • Birds of the Feathers
  • Nothin' But A Hound Dog

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