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Freeside wasn't heavily damage thanks to Mr. House's missile defenses that destroyed the incoming nukes when the Great War started in 2077. When the Vault tribes started arising after the nuclear fire calm down, they began occupying the abandoned buildings where they fought among themselves. Then Mr. House's robots had intervene, where then they directed the natives to start building the large walls from scrape around the Freeside and New Vegas area. At first, Mr. House attempted to control both The Strip and Freeside. Eventually, House realized that there is not much value in holding Freeside so he built another wall between New Vegas and Freeside and withdraw his Securitrons from the area. The place had then turned as a way for to filter the poor and scum out of New Vegas, which in turned, make Freeside more violent. Two groups attempted to maintain order in Freeside, The Kings and The Followers of the Apocalypse. The Kings gang worked out of their main headquarters at the King's School of Impersonations, where they created order by having their gangs roam the streets and control some supplies of food and water. The Followers of the Apocalypse went a more peacefully routine in maintaining order by handling simple needs like medical attention and providence of food and water for those that need it. Though they lacking numbers and supplies need to tell with the number of people that come in, their main headquarters at the Old Mormon Fort is more than ideal spot to help as many people as possible. Only recently has the NCR setup shop within Freeside itself by opening up a humanitarian operation where food is handed out. Only catch is that the food is only made available for NCR citizens, which are few in numbers within Freeside.


Mick & Ralph's store from the outside

Mick & Ralph's - This pawn shop has everything you need to survive in Freeside. Ralph sells consumables such as food,water,magazines,parts,tools,clothes, and more. But if your hoping to buy some hot heat, your going to have to head to Mick. But if you don't enjoy the guns that Mick is packing, you can ask him about his "secret stash". If you pass a level 30 speech check, Mick will ask you to follow him to where he introduces you to his secret stash hidden behind his wall. Enjoy!

Old Mormon Fort from the outside

Old Mormon Fort - Hurt? Highly radiated? Just want to talk to some nice folks? Look no further as Old Mormon Fort is the place for! Visiting the Mojave Wasteland's oldest structure will not only give you a boost, both moral and physically. But it's also a great way to level up your character as there are numerous questions that begun. If you are also in need of a companion and have good karma, Arcade Gannon will be more than happy to join you in your quest for wasteland domination.

The King's School of Impersonations from the outside.

King's School of Impersonations - The streets of Freeside have turned out a lot safer because of these gentlemen, and they still rolling with the sway. King's School of Impersonations is the home to the gang of The Kings and to the supreme impersonator of Elvis Presley: The King. You also have the chance to pick up the companion Rex. AKA the coolest robotic dog in the Wasteland.

The Silver Rush shop from the outside.

Silver Rush - This once casino is now the prime location to buy anything and everything energy weapon related. The gang that runs this sweet little shop are known as the Van Graffs, and trust me, they are a pair of tough cookie. Though tempting, don't try to steal anything as there are guard all around and they aren't afraid to give you the one-two if you try anything fishy.

The Atomic Wrangler Casino from the outside.

Atomic Wrangler Casino - If your too poor to enter the New Vegas Strip, but want to get your gamble on, look no further as the Atomic Wrangler is your hotspot. Not only does the Wrangler have games like Blackjack and slots, but it also contain rooms,vendors, and comedy shows. The Garrett Twins own the place, so ask them if there is any work that needs getting done as they offer a handful of questions. Also, if you need a better reputation in Freeside, pay James Garrett some caps and he'll raise it up for you.

The Strip North Gate - This entrance is the most used and easiest way to enter the New Vegas Strip. There are only two ways to be granted permission to pass this gate. You either need a passport or pass a 2,000 bottle cap check. Most Mojave newcomers usually mistaken the cap check as means of payment, when the guards are just checking to make sure you have 2,000 caps. This is a way to pervert bums and crooks from loitering or causing havoc on the peaceful strip. Don't you dare just try to make a run to the gate ignoring one of the two steps as the Securitons will annihilate you.

Residents of Freeside

Old Ben - One of the oldest residents of Freeside, Old Ben has a has seen and done everything that can be done in Freeside. His past jobs included being a: butcher, courier, crier, gun for hire, and a escort. Due to his long history and experience, Old Ben has become the wisest person in Freeside, usually attempting to give advice to newcomers entering the strip. Though most agree that he is the most respectful man in the community, most of have shrug him off and forgotten about him. Forcing him to reside by the strip north gate.

Arcade Gannon - Easily one of the smartest members of Freeside. After residing in the Mojave Wasteland with this mother, Arcade uses his time to mostly research and sometimes heal the injured and sick folks that come into Old Mormon Fort. Where over time he became a major part in the Followers of the Apocalypse operation. Though he suffers from social anxiety, Arcade is witty,smart with words, and is a fantastic person to share a conversation with because of mass knowledge. Most of his learning comes from reading pre-war books in his pasttime. Because of this, he conjure up a fluency in Latin, a deep history of the old war, and a outtake in how society should be run today in this "post-apocalyptic world". But he is not all brains surprisingly. He has realized to make a better world, a few eggs got to be broken. So though he still may have his peaceful nature like the Followers, he ain't afraid to give you the one-two punch.

Julie Farkas - The leader of the Followers of The Apocalypse New Vegas branch and head representative of the Old Mormon Fort, Julie Farkas is the most caring and helpful person in Freeside. At the Fort, her responsibilities are to manage medical supplies, advise doctors on the task at hand, be a warm help to those in need, and create & maintain relationships with other factions within Freeside. Though her division and cause are struggling, she has been able to keep high spirits and maintain optimistic on the future.

The King - The main head-honcho of the most respected and bizarre gangs in Freeside and of New Vegas. The King tries his best to keep the streets of Freeside squeaky clean. Before becoming "The King", he and his small gang had taken up hostility at The King's School of Impersonations. There the gang discovered that the school was a type of monastery to a single man, whose name was unknown, but had gotten by the title of "The King". Soon after, they had done their best to impersonate him and eventually other outsiders follow suit. Now, The King leads the his gang called "The Kings" in keeping Freeside peaceful and controls all forms of supplies (food,water,guns,etc.) Nothing that happens goes pass Him. The King is a likely, honest fella, but he has no patience for time wasters and wishes all who visit him to get down to the point. The King is easily one of the most feared and respected figured heads of Freeside. Getting on his good side who prove wise.

Pacer - As the right-hand man of The King, his priority is to make sure all operations are running smoothly to ensure the Kings keep Freeside under their control. Pacer and The King have had a long history with each other as they used to be good childhood friends. Which in turn, makes them trust one another dearly. Though Pacer actively goes against many of The King's requests and wishes, he never talks ill about him and gives Him the the utmost respect. Though Pacer may seem like a jerk to most, he means good and just wishes not to let his gang or The King down.

Simon - Before hoping to score some sweet firepower at the Silver Rush, you must first be greeted and judged by Simon. By greeted, he'll say welcome and then force you to hand over any and all weapons to him before entering the store. Then he'll judge you. He'll determine to make sure your not drunk or high and that you are serious in buying something and not wasting everyone's time. Only then will he let you in. He's been working with the Van Graffs Family for a handful of years as the door guard. Due to his structure job, he may come off as an hard-ass. This misconception can be easily broken when you work with him as he enjoys joking from time to time. Don't try anything fishy in his present, as he won't think twice in transforming you into a pile of ash.

Gloria Van Graff - A tough and serious woman, Gloria is apart of the Van Graff family. The Van Graffs have had decades of experience trading firearms around the NCR. She serves as the leader of the New Vegas branch of business for the Van Graff. Her role is run the shop and stock as smooth as possible. She also is the negotiate prices with buyers who wish to buy a sum of the weapon stock. She is, more or less, seen as the face of the Silver Rush. She is seen as very mean, cold woman. Who does not care about anything else other than having the business prosper.

Jean Baptiste Cutting - The head of security and second-in-command, Jean Baptiste duties are to protect and serve as his half-sister Gloria, cuts all the deals. He does not waste his time dabbling in negotiations or attempting to strike sales. No. He watches all his customers with a keen eye, and if need be, puts the fear right into them. He is the muscle of the Silver Rush. Though he is apart of the Van Graff family, his last name is "Cutting" instead of the infamous "Van Graff". The reason why is because his mother always wanted to be reminded of her husband, who was Jean Baptiste's father, when she saw or was reminded of her son Jean Baptiste.

James Garret - As one of the owners of the Atomic Wrangler casino, James Garret manages the food and entertainment prospects of his family business. Everything from stage show acts to the prostitutes all goes through him. He constantly worries about the Legion and upcoming second battle over Hoover Dam. He not only worries business will drive away, but that Legionaries will be march across Freeside, ending him and his casino. Though much not else is known about him or where he comes from, he does reveal that he has sex fetish for robots in the quest Wang Dang Atomic Tango.

Francine Garret - As the other owner of the Atomic Wrangler, and twin sister to James Garret. Francine's job is to manage any and all business duties. She's the one keeping tabs on payments, funds, profits, and the gamblers themselves. She's mighty keen on keeping money where it belongs and if anyone attempts to disturb that she won't getting her hands dirty. She's straightforward and follows all her practices by the book.


  • G.I Blues
  • Kings' Gambit
  • High Times
  • Debt Collector
  • Wang Dang Atomic Tango
  • Birds of the Feathers
  • Nothin' But A Hound Dog

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