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In the comics, Frenzy was originally the Blue brother.
According to the Transformers comicbooks, he is the brother of Rumble. Both are members of the Decepticons. An interesting side note, originally in the comics and toys Frenzy was blue colored, while Rumble was red. For whatever reason their names got switched in the G1 cartoons, thus ingraining in viewers that Frenzy was the red robot, and Rumble was blue. Makes sense as it was always the blue robot that would "rumble" the ground with his pile-driver arms.
In Transformers: The Game, Frenzy is not a playable character, he is mentioned several times by name however. In one mission, you play as Barricade and are tasked with saving Frenzy.
In Transformers: War for Cybertron, he shows up as a mini-boss along with Rumble and Lazorbeak in the Autobots campaign. During the prison break-out level, Optimus Prime and his team encounter Soundwave who is holding Zeta Prime prisoner. Instead of fighting you directly, Soundwave ejects several cassette tapes, one of which transforms into Frenzy. His arms appear to form small jackhammers which he uses to attack you with.

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