Fret Nice is kinda broken...

#1 Posted by Synchronatic (137 posts) -

So, I decide to download the demo of Fret Nice, thinking that it has an interesting premise and I would like to try it out. So I boot it up and select right-handed guitar controller in the menu.
Then it tells me to tilt the controller.
You see, my guitar controller has been broken since I got it, and from what I can tell, that is not an unusual occurrence. It's never really bothered me though, as Harmonix has seemed to acknowledge the shitty construction of the guitar controllers by having the option to simply use the select button.
Fret Nice has no such alternative.
I was super stoked to use my guitar controller for another game -- especially a platformer -- but now it seems as though that won't happen.
At least they have the demo available though, so that people don't waste 15 dollars just to find that its best feature -- being able to use a guitar controller -- doesn't work with their hardware.
Just thought that I would share this with Giantbomb and maybe warn anybody else whose guitar controller is broken like mine not to bother with the demo or the game.

#2 Posted by Bigandtasty (3139 posts) -

That seems like a silly oversight because I'm guessing a lot of guitars are at least slightly wonky with their star power sensors. 
Thankfully, mine still works.

#3 Posted by TurboMan (8158 posts) -

It's an ok concept, it just doesn't work to have the tilt function to be the jump button... and I don't like the controls you need to do to "Play Riffs" and attack enemies 
I don't know how to do it any better, I don't think Guitars and any other game can mix very well.

#4 Posted by Krelle (176 posts) -

Ive been playing this with a regular wireless controller all night and im really diggin it. 
I havnt tried playing it with a guitar and I dont intend to either. The controls are not a strong point, true, but the design and music makes it a very intresting game.

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