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Old school madness!

Time for some old school shit!This time im reviewing Friday The 13th on the NES. 
The game begins with a start screen you press start,then you start the game and then the first thing you do is choose a camp counselor.Yeah,thats right you dont play as jason it sucks ass. Anyway,when you start the game the graphics are blury as most of the old games.The main idea is to collect lighters and then go into cabins to light up chimneys.The easiest enemy in the game is zombies.The first weapon of the game is the rock.You cannot throw straight,just up,then it goes down,that kinda sucks.Then after a while you get the knife.So look for the lighters and go light up chimneys.Another thing that sucks,is when you go left you go right,and when you go right you go left!THATS BULLSHIT!And when you collected a few lighters and lighted up some chimneys you hear a big PIP,PIP!Thats the jason alarm,it means you must get to the right cabin in time before he kills one of the campers.So you go to the cabin,and the first thing you see is a girl saying thank you!when i haven't even killed jason.And the cabin is the WORST.You just go through doors go through windows and then finally in the cabin jason pops up to scare the hell outta ya.Then you fight him.After the fight you collect lighters go to a cabin and light up chimneys.And you also fight Jasons mom,the headless bitch.And the last thing,when you go into a cabin you cant go out,you just have to go through the whole cabin for 5 minutes to get out!And the soundtrack doesn't even have the Friday the 13th theme.The killing zombie part is fun,and the jason fight is pretty well done,but all the other shit no!
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