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Fried chicken are pieces of chicken on or off the bone that have been breaded and seasoned, then fried in oil. When pan fried, the chicken needs to only be shaken in flour and seasoning, then cooked in a frying pan with about a quarter inch of oil. Alternatively, the chicken could be coated in a batter and then deep-fried or cooked in a pressure fryer (the most common methods in industrial kitchens and fast-food restaurants). In any method, the breaded coating helps hold in the savory juices of the chicken, while absorbing the flavors of the cooking oil. Fried chicken is enjoyed globally, and many restaurants in the US specialize in this staple, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Popeye's, Bojangle's, and Church's Chicken.

Appearances in Games

Cluckin' Bell Employee
Fried chicken is a common health-recovery item in video games, especially action games or games with a modern setting. It provides stat bonuses to a player's characters in both River City Ransom and The World Ends With You (in nugget form.) In Final Fight and Samurai Showdown, items that appear to be fried chicken (or possibly roasted chicken) give an immediate health boost when picked up. The fictional Cluckin' Bell restaurant in Grand Theft Auto 4 offers health-giving fried chicken treats for sale. In Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, Bowser eats fried chicken (or Drumsticks) to recover his health. The 3 types of drumsticks are Hot, Fiery, and TNT. Hot Drumsticks only recover 80 HP to Bowser when he's a little hurt. The Fiery Drumstick is hotter than the Hot type and if Bowser eats one, 150 HP will be added to his current HP. TNT Drumsticks are the hottest of the bunch and if Bowser gobbles down on that one, then his HP will increase by 280 points. Very hot! If the Drumstick Ring is equipped, then he can eat any one of the 3 drumsticks and the amount of HP will recover depends on the drumstick type.

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