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The player or players each control one of the two frogs that are sitting on a lily pad. The frogs jump from one lily pad to the other and try to catch and eat flies during those jumps. The controls offer jumps of varying heights in order to catch the flies flying at different levels. The sky changes from light blue to a steadily darker shade of blue and finally to black. The frog that has eaten the most flies by the end is the winner of the game.

Pop Culture References

 Frog Bog was featured in the 2006 film Grandmas Boy, created by Adam Sandler's production company Happy Madison. The film, starring Allen Covert, depicted an old vs. young Frog Bog showdown between Covert's character Alex and a young upstart co-worker named Timmy (played by Evan Paley). During their lunch break at the video game design firm at which they were both employed, the characters often fought for 'gamer supremacy', but Timmy was often at the receiving end of 'Grey Bush Domination'. The motivation behind the Frog Bog challenge was that Covert's character wouldn't have a chance of winning an obscure game that he had never played before, but Timmy had practiced extensively. Of course Covert's character easily took the win. It is interesting to note that the filmmakers had originally wanted to use the game Joust, but the games creators had reservations about parts of the script, and refused to let the game be featured.  

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