Frog Fractions 2 is a thing (with your money!)

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Oooh, so this is what using drugs is like.

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Ah, so excite!

I'm glad he acknowledges that a sequel to a game like Frog Fractions is risky by virtue of what made the first game work. That tells me it's not going to be the same joke "but bigger!", which was my fear.

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You know, I went in way more cynical about the idea of following up a game that hinged on surprise than I came out. That's a well put together Kickstarter right there, I'll give him that much

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I was initially really worried that this was just going to be a sad rehash of jokes that don't work the second time around, but man that pitch video and those stretch goals are pretty fucking great!

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I was hoping to edit my post but alash! I can not. Maybe thats a bug I should report.

After going through the Kickstarter page, I agree that it was one great kickstarter page. Making me laugh out loud is hard and that url made me a couple times, so I'm in. Also the dude sounds like he is very knowledgeable about the situation and how to make the game good. Might throw in 15, even if I still feel burn after all the kickstarts I help a couple years ago.

"Lost Kingdom: Reckoning," by Fork Bomb LLC is great

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In the Kickstarter video it reveled some strange easter eggs... or maybe they are clues to what frog fractions 2 is! Check out this video which sums up the events so far. This. IS. INSANE!

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