The Ultimate Dumb Game is Here

#1 Posted by ThatAussieGameExplorer (5 posts) -

I stumbled upon an article from IGN called 18 Great Games You Might Not have Played and one of the games was called Frog Fractions. It's a free browser based game that purports itself to be to be a kids edu-tainment game, but let's just say there is a LOT MORE to it than meets the eye. It will take less than an hour to complete, but I think it's best to just let you guys play it for yourself and see why I find it to be the most delightfully dumb I've played this year.

#2 Posted by SpunkyHePanda (1861 posts) -

Heard about it on the Besties podcast. Yeah, it's pretty great.

#3 Posted by ExplodeMode (851 posts) -

I think I beat it. Swimming pool?


#4 Posted by Chumm (261 posts) -

The Besties did not lead me wrong, this game was absolutely bonkers in the best way possible, in that you want everyone you know to play it but don't want to spoil a word of it.

#5 Posted by Village_Guy (2801 posts) -

Are you from Twinbeard Studios? *suspiciousness!*

#6 Posted by ThatAussieGameExplorer (5 posts) -

@Village_Guy: No! I don't know how to develop a game, yet!

#7 Posted by Village_Guy (2801 posts) -

@ThatAussieGameExplorer: Alright fair enough, you get a pass... for now ^^

I'll make sure to check out the game when I get the time.

#8 Posted by Brodehouse (10659 posts) -

Is it like Number Crunchers?

#9 Posted by Geurge (110 posts) -

Last time I played I got to Mars, but had to stop playing. How much more is there after that?

#10 Posted by Rattle618 (1504 posts) -

@Geurge said:

Last time I played I got to Mars, but had to stop playing. How much more is there after that?

The best stuff, keep at it.

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