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Frogger 0

If you have been alive for the last 20 years, chances are you would have heard of ‘Frogger’ by now. It was a game that hung around arcades and your favorite Pizza joints. I remember begging my mother for some change, telling her I was going to get a hot dog only to go spend it at the arcade playing this game. This time around I can relax at home, not paying $.25 every time I want to play it. The game is now only 200 MS points on Xbox Live, which is a discount from the normal 800 MS Points for an...

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Love to hate it 0

Frogger has got to be one of the most frustrating games I have ever played!  The controls do pretty much anything they want and the ever changing car speed is as annoying as hell,  but still I keep going back in the hope that practice makes perfect... some chance!...

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worst game ever 7

who ever has an iphone i know it's the best but one thing is wrong with every single iphone and that is FROGGER!!!! it just sucks because it has bad graphics it has bad sound and it is just way too easy. This game is not worthing getting for an iphone because it just stinks big time so if you have an iphone then dont buy frogger or frogger 2 cause it just sucks....

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Bring Quick Reflexes and Quicker Thinking to Konami's Classic 0

Frogger is Konami’s 1981 classic arcade title where you take control of a frog who must hop across a hazard filled road and alligator infested waters just to get back home. The game’s action is confined to a single screen and yet requires more concentration and fast thinking than many other titles with more fleshed out worlds.The screen is divided into two, the first section being the road. Vehicles travel horizontally across the road, some going left, some going right, and all at different spee...

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What? 0

Everybody knows about frogger..its a brilliant concept, fun to play and a genius idea, and for those reasons this review will be viewed be some as blasphemous, but read the review, and take into consideration my arguments, and keep in mind, this is for the snesI have personally no idea when the original frogger was made, nor what gaming apparatus it what made for...i could only guess an arcade(after the Seinfeld episode when George had the high score on one ) And at the time is was pure and utte...

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