Channeling From Dust DRM Rage for good.

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That's it! All the games are spoken for. Thanks to everyone for helping me relieve some of my anger in a productive way. Remember, if you like it, pay it forward!

Before I begin, let me preface this by saying that if this violates any forum rules, please let me know and I'll totally stop!

Right, so to prevent a wall of text, here's the short version. I'm mad as hell that I got suckered into buying From Dust for the PC.

I was too excited to remember that this is Ubisoft on the PC we're talking. God forbid I should be excited about a video game once in a while. So I bought it without doing the extensive research that I guess is now necessary to find out if you need to give your first born as well as your $15 to play. Well, Steam won't give me my money back (disappointing, but not really their fault) and I'm physically sick that any of my money is going to support Ubisoft's deplorable behavior. Melodramatic? Probably, but I can't help feeling violated. I feel dirty for supporting the worst in the industry. I want to balance the karmic scales by supporting the best parts instead.
Over the last year or so, through various Humble Bundles and Steam sales, I've found that nearly ALL of my favorite games have been indie games. While I never paid less than $20 for a humble bundle, I never gave enough to equal the full retail value. In these sales, I've found gems that I feel are actually worth more than the amount that they charge. If I had known how good these games were, I would have gladly paid the full price, and I regret that didn't. So here I make a stand. I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is, too.

So here we go. In various sales, I paid less than retail for the following games that, had I known how much I would love them, I would have gladly paid twice the full cost. So now I will, and in the process, maybe spread some joy for a change. The games are:

Aquaria (Didn't even get Humble Bundle for it, then realized it was the best of the bunch by far)

Recettear: an Item Shop's Tale(50% Steam Sale) -- There's a demo, too if you're curious.

Gratuitous Space Battles (75% Steam Sale) -- Demo here, too. Taken as well.

Terraria (50% off Steam Sale) Popular game, that Terraria. Both have been spoken for.

I will buy 2 copies of each game (Except for GSB, since I'll be getting the complete bundle @$40). First people to PM me asking for ONE(1) of these games with their Steam name, and I'll gift them a copy, until all nine are spoken for. I'll post when they're gone, so check first. Make no mistake: this is my personal "Fuck You" to Ubisoft, but it's also a message I want to send to the developers of these games that I think what they're doing is badass, and they deserve the full amount of money for their work.

Anyone who does get a copy, if you like the game, maybe consider paying it forward and gifting a copy to someone else. Let's drown out shitty PC ports with bait-and-switch DRM by playing some of the best PC games around. This is my catharsis, but maybe some of you can come along for the ride.

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Yeah, didn't the site even say the game would have no always-online DRM and then have that statement removed the day of release? It seems like Ubisoft really took a shit on the PC crowd with this one, what with the terrible camera controls and all. 
Also, I sent you a message.

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I will also attempt to take advantage of your emotional state and generosity!

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This seems too good to be true :) also I messaged you

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@The_Boots:  Not interested in any of those games, but this is very generous of you. 
P.S. now that you have PAID money for From Dust, you should pirate it and play DRM free
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I'm not interested in any of those games, but you are a good person :o Also Lufia avatar =D

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Thats some serious rage right there. I messaged ya but no biggie if they are already taken. The fact that you did this is pretty charitable of you(to the devs mainly)

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I have played some pretty bad PC ports, the disappointment in that alone can be pretty grand. 
Nice of you to do this  :)

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Fuck yeah, go you! Just showing some support. And fuck Ubisoft, never buying their games again.

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I had to do SOMETHING (my wife: "Other than rant at me!")

So I decided to fix two problems at once. I really enjoyed all these games, and I hope that even people who didn't get free ones will at least try the demos. And hey, if you want a discount, maybe it'll be on a Steam sale again!

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