Few questions.

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1. Can I buy a card from Gamestop that gives me a code to download the game? (I just want to get the game and no extra points)
2. How long is the game?
3. Is there a timer?
4. Free mode?
5. Info on PS3 version?

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  • Buy it on microsoft store.
  • It depends on how long certain levels take you, if you go for bonus relics and vegetation bonuses, as well as the challenge mode. I'm about 12 hours in and I probably have about 3 or 4 hours to completion.
  • No timers, well... read on, it kind sucks.
  • The last level is a free mode and it's really incredible. Sculpting and pinching the landscape is awesome. However, once you place the final totem, the whole island system you've created  starts to collapse. However, the final totem doesn't give you anything you need, and right before you have the option to place you, you have full control over all dirt, lava, water, and vegetation.
  • Nah.
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Last I checked, if you buy it from the Microsoft Store you get The Maw for free.

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  1. Yes although as has been said, if you're in the US you can buy it on the MS stores for a dollar value rather than points.
  2. Depends entirely on how you play. I did 2 complete 'story' playthroughs over about 14-15 hours. There is also a challenge mode that'll give you a couple of hours depending on how quickly you learn to deal with the controls.
  3. There are certain events that are timed (like the tsunami from the demo) but you can take as long as you want on each level.
  4. The last level before you put down the 'end level' totem allows you to craft the land as you wish and you can control earth, water, lava and vegetation.
  5. All I've heard so far is it's coming soon.

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