From Dust apparently cloud storage enabled?

#1 Posted by Meowayne (6168 posts) -

I just recovered my gamertag on my 360 at home, started up From Dust and out of nowhere, there was my save game and level progression from when I played the game at a friend's house. Google couldn't really help me with the question of cloud storage for XBLA titles had actually started or not. Can anyone confirm this? It would seem weird to me that my From Dust savegame was in the cloud without ever having asked or notified me.

#2 Posted by Quipido (808 posts) -

I wouldn't call it cloud saving, but some games store data tied to a gamertag for some time now. I remember Shadow Complex had this, some people were upset there is no way to start over because it just loades up player level from some server somwhere.

#3 Posted by Mantel (48 posts) -

It's got it on the PC version, the Ubi-manager thing sync's save games when you quit the game, or at least it tries to and takes ages.

#4 Posted by alternate (2789 posts) -

you can turn it off on PC and it stores locally.

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