from dust pc.

#1 Posted by Arceion (250 posts) -

I had a post about this game about 6 months back asking how the pc version was and most everyone told me that it was broken or just not as good as the xbla version. Its been 6 months now and just wanted to know if any of the bugs got fixed. The game is on sale and I was going to pick it up if I know its going to play well. Thanks.

#2 Posted by Sooty (8195 posts) -

The mouse controls are still unplayable

#3 Posted by hwy_61 (1029 posts) -

You should really hit up the Steam Forums. They always have a 'is it worth it?' thread whenever there is a sale.

#4 Posted by HistoryInRust (6570 posts) -

The game in general just wasn't particularly strong, even if the bugs and coding issues weren't present. You aren't missing out.

#5 Posted by Toxeia (743 posts) -

Like Sooty said, the mouse controls are really loose and frustrating. There's also a bunch of aggravating camera control issues.

#6 Posted by Arceion (250 posts) -

i guess im going to pass on the sale, thanks everyone for letting me know. Now what game should i buy ! :P

#7 Posted by Stepside (557 posts) -

Well, I bought the game (it was 4 bucks so I said screw it). You need a uPlay account to play it but Ubisoft's servers are down...fucking DRM bullshit.

#8 Posted by The_Boots (99 posts) -

After the original fiasco, I got my money back from Steam and promised myself I wouldn't bother with Ubisoft, but the game looked really neat. I waited for a Steam sale and for someone to say "The DRM is gone" and then bought it for the $4. Should have known better.

Fuck this. Ignore the rest of this post, it's a frustrated rant.

Look, Ubisoft: I want to exchange money for video games. I WANT TO PAY FOR THEM? SEE ME, UBISOFT? I DON'T WANT TO PIRATE THEM! I was perfectly willing to pay full price! I DID ONCE! I WANT TO LEGALLY PLAY YOUR GAME! You know what I don't want? ANYTHING ELSE. I don't want want Facebook, or twitter, or uplay achievements, or ANYTHING OTHER THAN TO PLAY A FUCKING GAME. That's it! Is that so hard!? If you want to offer me the ability to let you send me spam, or sell all of my information to some random asshole(or just have some guy take it when he hacks your servers), make it optional. You make video games and I play them. Steam is bad enough, but I'm tied into that ecosystem already, I'll be damned if I need a fucking Uplay account or an Origin account or WHAT THE FUCK EVER.

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