Need Help with second to last territory "Movements"

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So, i'm stuck at this Mission...

I always fail after building the 3th village. But then the whole area starts to fill up with lava and all those stupid trees start to catch fire...

Is there any specific order in which you should build the cultivate the totems or any village-moving stuff?

Some help or hints would be much appreciated.


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@Taka: The way I tackled it was to send the villagers to the nearest totem and then grab the lava-repel music knowledge. Whilst you're sending your villagers off, take every one of those stupid water-bursting and explosion trees near the starting village and go throw them in a lake somewhere. I took evaporate next, as that (along with lava-repel) will help you deal with both the lava and the water. Then I got Infinite Earth, and raised all the totems above the typical level the lava/water reaches.  The rest should be pretty easy, although it can be a pain in the backside getting the 100% trees with the small patches of lava springing up everywhere setting fire to everything.
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The way I did it was to send the villagers to the totem nearest the volcano then to the totem that gives you infinite earth whilest send someone to get the repel lava.
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After discovering that the lava pours in after building the third village and losing it I reloaded a save that I had after building my second village. I then proceeded to dump a ton of lava on the two remaining totems until they were each on their own little hills without any earth for the plants to spread the fire. Next, I walled off the village that you start near because it was low enough for the lava to become a problem. Finally, I built villages on the third and fourth totems with no issues. After, the lava receded a bit and I used infinite earth to cover most of the central area so that I could get to 100% vegetation.

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Thanks for all the Hints.

That Mission was a real pain...

My approach was to get the Evaporate & Infinite Earth Totems first. Then settle down, get the lava repel totem and let the rain cool down the center volcano. In that state, you are almost save to reach 100% vegetation and move on afterwards.

The final step for me was to move both villages closer to the remaining totems, wait until the rain raised the water level a bit and got both totems with only little time inbetween.

Was really close at the End with 2 villages screaming and burning...but is still made it.

Last Level was a blast :D

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After you take the third village, yes it dumps lava everywhere, but it's really not a big deal. You already have resist fire/lava on all your towns, so you just grab up lava and use it to redirect the lava away from the Infinite Earth village.  
You could even just use the increase breath ability to hold the lava off until they can grab the village. Once it's up, it's only a matter of using infinite earth and expand the breath to raise the town up. 

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