The Cutscenes they make you watch after you build a new village..

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You know how the game shows a boring useless cutscene panning back from a new village you created. I just founded a new village, saw flames approaching, grabbed a water tree, only to have my entire village burn down off camera while I watched the stupid cutscene. 
It's not as if people are going to FORGET that they made a village... 
It's sad to see that with such a cool game, the devs clearly didn't playtest it that much. 
This incident aside, those cutscenes are pretty unbearable. They can show the next village, hell, show a waypoint, but don't make me stare at the screen for 10 seconds without any ability to interact with the world, and if you INSIST on keeping such a flawed design, at least pause the damn game while it's happening.

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@InertiaticESP said:

at least pause the damn game while it's happening.


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