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The PC version of From Dust requires logging into an Ubisoft account before playing. However, the From Dust application rejects my username and password. I tried identical login information at the Ubisoft website, however, and was successful.

Anyone else having a similar problem? Having purchased this game, I would really like to -- you know -- play it.

EDIT: Fixed. Turns out that period isn't for punctuation but is part of my username... Uplay; not a fan.

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yeah,  i was able to log in fine until tonight.  i think their server is down, cause the only thing i can click on that will load is their facebook page. lame that you cant play the game without logging in every time.
 i also love the fact that you drive to a store, purchase what you think is a game. then finally get home to intall and play it and find out that all that is in the box is a steam install disk. then you get to wait around forever downloading the game from the net after you install steam. Yay!

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