What are your best times on the challenge maps!

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I have been obsessed with this game since I bought it, even though it has had some incredibly frustrating parts (mostly involving the pathfinding and the stupid AI). I'm not one of those guys who buys up every game with time trials and tries to speed run them like a mad man to get on the leaderboards either... but that's exactly what I've been doing with this game. There are a few maps that I've tried to do as fast as I can and still can't crack the top 100, so I'm still working on those... but so far my overall ranking on the leaderboards is 46th, and my best maps are Migration (21st), Atlantis (24th), and Sunken Secret (28th). What are your best times! Tell me now!

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at the time of this post im currently 15th overall and my best individual ranks for maps are:  
wagons of fire (5th)  
deadly crossing (8th)  
atlantis (8th) 
aquasplash (9th) 
sunken secret (10th) 
trees of water (13th) 
migration (17th) 
waterfall (21st) 
guardian angel (21st) 
bail out (23rd) 
gospel (27th) 
sacrifice (36th)
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Those are some great times. I improved my time on Countdown to 13th! I'm 44th overall now too. Every day that I don't play, my rank gets worse and worse haha. How did you get your time on Wagons of Fire so low? I suck at that map.

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there is a massive short cut. first send a villager to collect the water power. when he gets to the wall he cant get past, jellify the water and surround him up the wall with it, then get some more and fill in where the villager is. he will go highabove the wall and then turn jellify water off and he will fall into the area with the water power.once he has the water power repeat the same steps to get him out, done ;) 
also if you didnt know, you can hold X to move your curser faster. hope all this helps :)
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im now 6th on overall leaderboards XD

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