Gray-brown space marines are turning invisible to me

#1 Posted by mariussmit (295 posts) -

Seeing the box art for front mission evolved this morning made me realise something. The image of the box art didn't register with me at all. I had to re-open my browser and study the image to actually "see" what it depicts. 
I did some thinking and I've started wondering whether I've become so inundated with similar images and colour schemes from the slew of similar games this generation, that my mind has started ignoring these images as "noise". 
Is there anyone else that feels the same way or is this just a terrible example of box art? 

#2 Posted by Tebbit (4564 posts) -

Nope, it's not just you. Despite big-ass robots, that could be any cover from any game, ever. The fact that the title is just a collection of words that have no real meaning + Evolved... guh. 
I bet the Japanese box art is super stylised. Well, I hope... but I doubt.

#3 Posted by McPaper (283 posts) -

I'll tell you the truth, all I saw was the nice lookin type logo and robot.

#4 Posted by Shakezula84 (525 posts) -

You should see the title screen. Same thing happens but they have "epic" military style music playing.

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