Is anyone looking forward to this? I have a huge concern...

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I think this IP has tremendous potential, but I am worried sick about this game because of the developer. Double Helix has an awful track record. Their last release was the GI Joe licensed game which Jeff gave a 1 star review. ONE star!
What do you think? Will this be a solid game or do you think it'll crash and burn like all other Double Helix games?

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From the video is looks good. But then again many games look good. It seems to have the speed and movement if the Wanzers down from what was seen in the Front Mission 4 intro, I just hope the shooting and action is solid and has some kick too it instead of feeling too loose, like when in some FPS's you feel like your guns aren't doing any damage. With Square Enix looking over the project I hope they wouldn't let a sub par game be released. Like always, time will tell, I'd say definitely wait for impressions. Quick look please!

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Your concern isn't unjustified.
Double Helix is essentially turning a strategy game into a 3rd person shooter to appeal to a wider audience, fair enough since the market for Front Mission is small. Double Helix I believe also made Silent Hill Homecoming which I found to be rather decent as a game but lacked the substance of what made the Silent Hill series. 
It's possible that although they are working on their own aspects of customizability / unit roles / strategy  which I feel was the substance of past FM games, they might fall short on that too.
 I do expect a decent game however. (This statement is true, EDIT)

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i bought it and i have fun with it. of course it's not great but it's not one star ether. it's in the middle. if you like robots and 3d person shooters you will probably like this game. i would give it 3.5\5 stars.

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It's a 3rd person shooter? Damn. Why couldn't they just reboot Armored Core and leave the tactic strategy with Front Mission. Just my opinion because I liked the past Front Missions.

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It's ok. I haven't played the previous front mission games but the single player is solid enough, when in your wanzer. The on foot segments can be a lot better and seem very tacked on, but thankfully are just a small fraction of the game. The story is ridiculus but might be entertaining for that reason.

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