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PS3 Review: Front Mission Evolved 0

This current console generation though Square Enix has hit a bit of a rough patch. Games like The Last Remnant and Infinite Undiscovery failed to wow either critics or consumers and even the latest entry in the company’s flagship series, Final Fantasy, failed to live up to the overwhelming expectations put upon it. Still, even with their recent disappointments, it is hard to not give Square Enix the benefit of the doubt when it comes to making games. After all this is the same company that de...

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A surprisingly good mech shooter. 0

Foreword Let me start out by saying that when I found out the Front Mission series was heading back in the direction of third-person combat after the interesting advancements it made in it's turn-based installments, I was a little bummed out. Add that to the fact that it had been handed off to Double Helix, a company with no mech shooter experience, and a less than promising track record, and I had pretty much written this game off as a flop. I'm happy to say that I was wrong. Graphics Sh...

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a fair arcade mech shooter 0

 Reviewers Edit: Some grammatical fixes. It was indeed a surprise to hear that Front Mission would be getting a new title for the west especially after the neglection of Front Mission 5. The change from turn-based-strategy to 3rd person shooter did indeed have many fans worried. Well, this game is indeed a 3rd person action game and plays very much like one you would expect. But does it feel like a Front Mission game? Yes it feels like one but I as a fan wouldn't say it is one. This ...

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Franchise rape meets mediocrity 0

I love mechs, I think mech games are awesome, I am a fan of the Armored Core, Mech Warrior and old Front Mission games.  Front Mission Evolved tries to be all three of those at the same time, somehow manages to fail at or not include everything they did vastly better and ultimately does nothing new and nothing that hasn't been done before.  Include graphics that would seem dated in the early 2000s, a story so awful it makes badly dubbed D grade anime seem better written and you have a recipe for...

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Needs (a truckload) more polish. 0

 THE GAME DOES NOT GIVE THE PILE DRIVER A PILE DRIVER ANIMATION. ALL MELEE WEAPONS ARE SWUNG IN AN ARC TO HIT THE ENEMY, THERE IS NOT NEEDLE PRESSING OR ANY RESEMBLANCE OF PUNCHING IN THIS GAME.    (This is more of a rant on front mission evolved, for a shorter version just scroll to the bottom)      To be frank, I've never finished a front mission evolve game - my experience with the series has been poor at best, having been stuck on a mission past mid-game in front mission 4 for the PS2 unti...

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Not Evolved Enough 0

Working through the inevitable backlog of games that develops during Steam's sales, I came upon this title for a considerable discount about half a year ago. While the Front Mission name is certainly one that carries a lot of weight with me, and I do have a seriously soft spot for giant mechs, neither of those things is enough to recommend Front Mission: Evolved to anyone else. It's just not that good.They're not mechs, they're not panzers - they're WanzersThe original, true Front Mission series...

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