THQ Steamweek deal!

#1 Posted by Venatio (4491 posts) -

So this game doesn't really look awesome but hey, I got it for 1,49 euro and that real fucking cheap, anyone get this? Anyone playing this at all online?

#2 Posted by fisk0 (4131 posts) -

I bought this on GamersGate a few months ago, I like it - but I kept getting corrupted files and stuff in that release, and you had to apply a bunch of patches manually - I bought it again on Steam and it works as it should now - I think it has a lot of interesting ideas, it's somewhat similar to Battlefield 2142, though a bit less futuristic, as it takes place somewhere around 2020 or so. There's a lot of UAV's, RC mini tanks and such stuff that makes it play rather differently from the Battlefield games. It also has some destructible enviroments - not as much as Bad Company mind you, but more than most other FPSes back in 2007-08. I'm not sure about the weapon balancing, and the game looks a bit too brown (as all modern shooters do), but it manages to both have a good battlefield style multiplayer and a fairly interesting single player mode, only ruined by the lack of a in-mission save system.

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