Frozen Synapse - looking for regular players

#1 Posted by robeywan (32 posts) -

if you like games, and are reading this, you NEED to grab Frozen Synapse off steam if you haven't already. it is amazing. 
i don't know you and you don't know me, but we have 2 things in common: 
1 - we both hate people that get the words "there" , "they're" and "their" mixed up and.. 
2 - we both (will) love Frozen Synapse. 
i need more dudes to play with, because I'm getting frustrated by all the 'incomplete' games that are piling up in my queue from people just leaving or what not. 
if you're suffering the same way as I am, lets buddy up on steam and get some complete games happening. bo selecta. 
steam id: robeywan

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