The Match Replay Thread

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This game has a neat function that will re-play an entire game in real time. It's interesting to me to see these matches where I spend so much time planning moves play out in (usually) less than 20 seconds. The game will output directly to youtube in HD, so I figured why not have a thread where we can post up some matches to discuss, and for more people to see how the game plays. I have two at the moment, but I'm currently engaged in another 6 games, so I'll likely have more soon. =) 

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Here's another video of a lucky win I made in one of the hostage modes. What you have to do in this mode is place your team in the green zone (the defender places their's in the red zone) and then use your attackers to draw fire, or eliminate the team guarding the hostages (the captives themselves are in a small box in the centre). The hostages cannot move on the first turn, but once they leave the box in the middle of the map, they will then come under fire from the defending team. The goal is to get these captives into the yellow extraction zone. It's a pretty neat mode I think. 

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Badass! I admit - I haven't fiddled with that stuff at all yet.
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I've been pretty busy the past few weeks and haven't spent near as much time with this game as I should. They just released a new patch a few days ago that have fixed some issues, and rebalanced some of the unit types (like the sniper). When I logged back in I forgot that I had left this match to sit there for so long... it was waiting for the last turn. Here's another replay if anyone is interested. 

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I'm just going to keep updating this thread with replays... hopefully someone else will want to join in at some point. =)  
This game is a good example of an area where the game could use some improvement. This doesn't happen often, but I was put in an extremely superior firing position, and was able to take out the majority of his team without any issues. I really felt kinda bad about this one as there really isn't a whole lot he could have done... at least I think. Maybe I'm wrong about that. 

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Figured I would post my first match, why not? This is against a friend, was both our first match with only the tutorial under our belts:

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Here's another one. This one is pretty funny. I just narrowly dodged a grenade by ducking behind a crate and then kill 2 birds with 1 stone - mind you I could not see those guys there when I fired that grenade, I was expecting to get his shotgunner who I saw was coming in to flank, but was not expecting to get both of his men.

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I need to get some multiplayer games going in this. But i'm having a hard time enough just completing the SP missions, they are brutal. Or at least i think so.

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@pornstorestiffi: Wow! Effective use of the rocket launcher in there. =)

@Crono: That is one of the luckiest shots I've seen in a replay yet.

I hadn't even noticed more people were posting replays again. I'll have to get back on that when I get home later. Thank you for sharing! I like seeing how much I still need to improve.

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@Rasgueado: I need to improve my skills too, some times i really mess up placement.
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Hostage match, my second one. First one i messed up real bad playing a Giantbomb member. This one went much better as i knew i had to also shoot the hostages after i killed off the enemy soldiers. 

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Me against MB earlier. This was one of our first matches since getting the game, so we both pretty rubbish:


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