"Beat A Friend's Score On The Leaderboard" Achievement

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Yeah, I know I'm a shameless achievement whore. But regardless. 
There's an achievement on the Fruit Ninja Kinect game (released today) that requires the player to beat a friend's score on the leaderboard. Having said that, I'm one of my only friends with a Kinect, and the only one playing Fruit Ninja on it. Anyhow. I was hoping to find someone, or multiple someones, willing to give their gamertag to help me, and everyone else who's virtually friendless, score the last achievement they need. Thanks. 
My tag: Call Me Crash

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@CoheedFavorHouse: You can add me Eight Bit Shik

#3 Posted by CoheedFavorHouse (670 posts) -
done and done
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feel free to add me as well, as I'm in the same boat as you @EightBitShik:

GT: RawknRo11a

#5 Posted by CoheedFavorHouse (670 posts) -

i'll keep everyone on my friends list for a few weeks so the leaderboard resets. give everyone a chance to beat me, i guess. 
(PS. I'm not that good, i'm just cocky)

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I suck at the combo's I can't get the 200 plus in zen grrrr

#7 Posted by EightBitShik (1342 posts) -

@CoheedFavorHouse: Well I beat you in one category finally :P

#8 Posted by faustyn (616 posts) -

just sent an invite. my gamertag is falek. cheers.

#9 Posted by CoheedFavorHouse (670 posts) -
i was 8th in the world in arcade for a second. my score wasnt even that good
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My gamer tag is peacefulpaul108 - add away! I'll be chopping imaginary fruit by waving :)

#11 Posted by deskp (453 posts) -

GT: deskp

chop chop

#12 Posted by faustyn (616 posts) -

@deskp said:

GT: deskp

chop chop

accepted your invite. cheers.

#13 Posted by Sn0wShepherd (1 posts) -

Feel free to add me as a friend.  I need more people willing to go yfor really tough co-op cheevz. 
Here's what I posted to XBOX360achievements:   This should help others with getting COMBOS too.
I just got my first Dragon Fruit.

It is indeed about the size of a football compared to the watermelon.

It is maroon with green spikes.

It flies in from the left side of the screen slowly all by itself.

It is worth about 85 points to cut it.

You get it at or near the 20,000 fruit cut mark.

I had checked my fruit-cut-stat and it was about 100 away from 20,000.

I had also gone to the Dojo to change into the Shadow Blade, the Yin Yang background and the Classic Original Shadow.

I got the fruit my first play...I felt like I was taunting the Dragon Ninja Fruit by selecting total darkness and hoping total light would appear to challenge me, as in the Yin and Yang.

Overall tips for high combos and scores:

1: Try to keep your hands to your sides and not in front of you since the game has a fit trying to track for the blade if your hands are in front of you, stationary.

2: Try to keep your hands off of the bottom of the screen to avoid bombs.

3: Don't be afraid to wait for fruit to line up for bigger combos. It is riskier to wait as they fall faster than they rise, but it is worth it. I have scored several 10-fruit combos!

4: Avoid bombs at all costs in Arcade Mode! Even if it means letting fruits fall.

5: You are rewarded a random chance to get a random banana in Arcade mode with every fruit set. So clearing them FAST while one banana is active will increase your odds of stacking them.

6: Learn to use "Sand the Floor" more than "Wax on, Wax off" for most combos, especially in rapid-fire sets and on Classic Mode all together. This means, start with arms spread out, elbows still poised near the hips or waist, and hands just above your shoulders, and swipe inward and down.

7: Remember, things are not as random as they seem. I have killed 31,000 innocent fruit so far, and you start to see a LOT of patterns.

#14 Posted by deskp (453 posts) -

@Sn0wShepherd said:

You get it at or near the 20,000 fruit cut mark.

I got 2 dragon fruits way before 10 000 so i think its just random!

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None of my friends seem to have bought this game, so feel free to add me :)
My GT is MDiPalma

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I am also looking to S rank this :P

Robopengy77 is me

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