Think you can beat my Fruit Ninja arcade score?

#1 Posted by Stepside (516 posts) -

Fruit Ninja.  Arcade mode.  1,140 high score.
Is this bragging?  Yes.  
Give me a score to beat, add me to your Game Center friends. 
Nickname:  Stepside
Using short sentences in a forum post to sound more dramatic?  Yes.
Bring it on :)

#2 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -

What the hell is Fruit Ninja? 

#3 Posted by weegieanawrench (1943 posts) -

This sounds an awful lot like a Mastercard commercial. I would compete, but I don't have an active credit card to buy fruit ninja. 
Fruit Ninja: $1 
Game Center: Free 
Using short sentences to sound more dramatic: Priceless.

#4 Posted by Stepside (516 posts) -
This retardedly addictive iphone/ipad game. 
#5 Posted by BraveToaster (12588 posts) -
@Stepside said:
" @Axxol:  This retardedly addictive iphone/ipad game.  "
Oh... interesting. 
*backs away slowly*
#6 Posted by infamousKONVICT (27 posts) -

pics or BS
jk but how did you get such a high score

#7 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

I have over 775 million points.

#8 Posted by Stepside (516 posts) -
Add me to your friends to see my score. 
#9 Edited by Stepside (516 posts) -
@Wilkins_III: Thanks man - and I would say that you get can 600-700 every game as long as you keep the combo score up.  But for sure, unless you get all three bonus bananas at once (god I sound so serious talking about "bonus bananas" haha) you won't crack 1000.  You might be able to get it if you get a couple frenzies in a row paired with score x2 bonuses.  If you get 10+ fruits in one shot, you're guaranteed 50+ points in the final score. 
#10 Posted by Jothel (935 posts) -
I have over 775 million points.
That is an illegal amount of points.
#11 Posted by aDz (1 posts) -

Dude you are cocky . I appreciate your bravo open bet . But I beat you :P My high score is 1153 :P

#12 Posted by TooMuch (1 posts) -
@aDz: I'll raise high score is 1231.
#13 Posted by perfectcircle58 (2 posts) -

I've got 1423 on arcade mode.. has anyone beaten this? i saw somewhere that apparently people have gotten 3000+, but they were saying that there's possibly more fruit on an ipad?

#14 Edited by Mr_Skeleton (5152 posts) -

@aDz: @TooMuch: @perfectcircle58: Did all of you made an account just to tell him you got a higher score than him?

#15 Posted by perfectcircle58 (2 posts) -

i made an account because i've been wondering for a while how good my score actually is, since i had no one to compare it to

#16 Posted by Stepside (516 posts) -

Just improving the Giantbomb community :)

#17 Posted by danielfruitninja (1 posts) -

I challenge you its nice i got :))) 1146 haha :)) i will ad you on gamecenter

#18 Posted by unenbat (1 posts) -

My high score is 1222. kkk

#19 Posted by LethalKi11ler (1420 posts) -

lol i'm at 572 feel like i'm playing it wrong xP

#20 Edited by lashawtie (1 posts) -

@stepside: bitch please

Highest score over 30,000

#21 Posted by Stepside (516 posts) -

@lashawtie: Try it without cheats there big guy.

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