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49071 BlackLagoon Game Overview 08/11/13 04:58PM 3 Approved
49070 BlackLagoon Game Releases 08/11/13 04:57PM 1 Approved
49063 VincentVendetta New Release 08/11/13 04:32PM 7 Approved
12417 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding four more Halfbrick developers to Fruit Ninja and the database. Steven Last, Richard Mckinney, Will Goddard and Joe Gatling. Steve and Joe also worked on Jetpack Joyride. 03/09/13 08:36PM 24 Approved
10949 cxhgrunt Game Overview Another Halfbrick trio that worked on Fruit Ninja, Cedar Jones, Kirby Scarfe and Terry Greisbach. 03/05/13 03:09AM 6 Approved
10002 cxhgrunt Game Overview Adding five more credits, Resa Liputra, Daniel Fisher, Michael Dobele, Hugh Walters and new person Glen Arrowsmith. Glen also has other Halfbrick credits. 03/01/13 07:32PM 10 Approved
9088 cxhgrunt Game Overview Five more credits, Sean Druitt, Ben Vale, Motze Asher, Matthew Knights and Dean Loades. And a thanks for Shainiel Deo. 02/26/13 08:12PM 12 Approved
8403 cxhgrunt Game Overview First batch of refilling credits page. including a new page for 'Peter Mcneill'. He also worked on Jetpack Joyride. Others are Paul McNab, Michael Szewczyk, Grant Peters, Jason Maundrell, Matt Ross, Brent Hobson, Jesse Higginson, Adam Wood, Jason Harwood, Luke Muscat. 02/24/13 09:24PM 32 Approved
3738 Marino Game Overview 02/16/13 02:31PM 86 Approved
1740 cxhgrunt Game Overview Four more credits for Fruit Ninja. 02/14/13 04:44AM 16 Approved
509 cxhgrunt Game Overview Added three game credits. Edit credits page looks crazy! Im sure its more sane on better filled out pages. 02/12/13 06:08PM 6 Approved

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